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    Born and bred in Lincolnshire, making me a true "Yellow belly" - I am married to Jenny. Together we have four children and four grandchildren.
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    Near Sleaford Lincolnshire
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    theology, politics, football and cars
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  1. Coolant all good. Engine red hot and was unable to check oil at the time. Left the car at a local garage near Doncaster (I live in south lincs) they are going to take a look next week. Only recently had a service oil change, filters, rad flush and new coolant. Slight leak between either the gearbox/engine or sump. But the garage said it was no big deal. I was travelling up the A1 yesterday to visit Custom Outlaws (ZX specialist). When I arrived engine psi very low and smoke coming out bonnet! Not good. Unfortunately it looks like Custom Outlaws are no longer in business or moved? Anyhow I'll see what the garage says. Quite an eventful day! But very worried it might be something more serious. Only had the car since February and not had that much driving time. Had planned to take the ZX to Japfest but that might not happen now. I'll have to wait and see.
  2. I’ve just decided to go for a spin and after 30 mins noticed the oil pressure drop. Pulled over and engine bay red hot plus I can smell oil burning. Am worried! Have dropped it off at a local garage. Any advice?
  3. So are we with the 350ZX club or not?? I've booked tickets as suggested to join the 350Z club? Please confirm.
  4. I think missed the lower case "u" - put 350ZUK instead when booking. Is that a problem?
  5. OK Great, I've booked in. Thanks for your help. Looking forward to attending.
  6. Many thanks - I'll get booked in and let you know
  7. Any news yet on Japfest exhibition tickets?
  8. 1. Lexx (if the car is back in one piece!) 2. Tony2019 3. Kleon 4. Aff68 5. Naz27 6. Micheal Benjamin 7. 300zxsam 8. Georgina 9. Scottstubbings1 10. Coopd 11. JKP300 12. Pastorjay
  9. I'd like to come along as well please
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