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  1. Can you name anyone who can help please
  2. He said it’s a bit better, and is going to work on it today
  3. We will see I’ve just messaged him?
  4. Good question he never mentioned that
  5. So the search has come up with a k plate na it was originally silver but it has been taken back to bare metal , and the lower sill have been welded, and has been respirated cobalt metallic green, it’s done 68k it had a cam belt and water pump at 60k, the car is in Manchester, at a place called Salford body repairs, the guy is asking £6500, does this seam resinoble or should I chance my arm and have a haggle
  6. And so the search goes on, my offer got rejected.😒
  7. The guy was going to put a fresh mot on it, but yes I agree with you
  8. Ok so I’ve made an offer on the car at £3k less than the asking price, apparently the smoking stops when it warms up, but I think that £12 is a fare offer, mr hummer if I get it could I bring her to you could you fix it
  9. If I got it cheaper would you be willing to fix it for me
  10. Thanks folks iam going to make an offer tomorrow, wish me luck
  11. That’s the one, is it worth money,
  12. Hi folks I’ve seen this car for sale on eBay, does anyone know about this car, the owner has had it for a number of years
  13. Ho van paul and welcome, good to see another one being saved
  14. I understand my friend, iam only asking as as one friend to another
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