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  1. Hi all UPDATE .... After a small hiccup, the car is back home from Powerzed, runs superbly, imagine what a difference having 6 cylinders and 2 working turbos makes. Jim did a superb job and has made a lasting impression on the car, absolutely love it !! Now to look at all the other bits that need doing to really save her.
  2. Hi all Just wanted to give a shout out to Victoria Recovery, 90 North Road, Yate, Bristol, BS37 7PR, these guys have shown a great appreciation and care for my car. If anyone requires recovery down that end of the world please give these guys a call.
  3. Hi all Just a quick update.... Car is at Jim's , a little bit of bad news.... drivers side turbo seized. Good news Jim's going to fix it. I might need to start a GoFund me to pay for all this... haha
  4. If you don't mind me asking... what did you pay for that?
  5. Update.... It's getting there..... just passed MOT, taxed and on the road.... ish. Now just it's planned visit to Jim next week..... and everything else that needs doing
  6. Why thank you kind Sir ! Jim's reputation preceded him and once I knew the body was.. able to be saved, he was my very next call. Booked in for the 18th.
  7. Hi all, Thankyou all for the welcome. When we purchased the car we did not know a lot about it, took a chance off Ebay as the price was right, though there was not any mention of the rust and from the pictures it looked ok. when seeing the car for the first time, we realised that the rust was going to be a major issue and had that tackled first as it was a definite MOT failure, The guys at IM accident repair centre in Andover undertook the work, fabricating new inner sills and part of the floor, repairing the front quarter panels lower edges and fitting the outer sills and sill extensions, purchased from Z Centre. The work was carried out to a superb standard, with photographic evidence taken at all steps along the way, being sent to me as updates and saved to a memory stick. After this was completed I took the car for MOT to get a list to work from for what needed doing, so not surprised that it failed, but surprised more what it passed on - I expected it to fail on emissions and brakes, but both passed. The car is already having the brake lines replaced and the lights have been sorted, so hopefully will pass MOT next week. The car is booked in with Jimmer, at PowerZed on the 18th for full service to engine, gearbox and Diff, replacing injectors, spark plugs and engine wiring loom. This was planned as the ad said the car was a non-runner, but it currently runs, though only on 5 cylinders, no smoke. I am still going to need to find lower rear quarter panels for both sides, the bits behind the bumper and rear wheels, and a rear panel, as these need to be replaced soon. I hope this spells out where the car is at. Thanks for your help
  8. Hi Andrew Thank you for the welcome and the info, do you know possibly how many have survived? Thanks Paul
  9. Hi all I have recently become the custodian of this UK supplied 300ZX, and I'm trying very hard to save it from the breakers yard. I am looking for any tips or advice that will assist me to do this to the correct standard. I would like to get it back on the road, to show it and enjoy it. It has already caused a bit of a stir amongst the local kids who thought it was a Ferrari, but were still wowed by it's great looks and sound. Many thanks Paul
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