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  1. Excellent Andrew, thank you! A load of good info attached re parts etc, Perfect!
  2. Hi Conn, if you give me your mobile I'll pass it on to John who's admin and get him to sign you up. As I said you have to have a Z to join. Cheers Dave
  3. Coming shortly Bones! Got the loan of a ramp so been busy putting new coilovers in as the clearance was about 10cms 😠. Now a better 15cms 😁
  4. Thanks Gaz. There's a Cars and Coffee meet in Dundalk Oct 10th in aid of Barretstown. Should be a few 300's from the Irish Z/ZX Drivers Whatsapp Group there. I think there's around 60 members in the group and you have to have a Z to be a member so it's pretty active.
  5. Thanks Andrew. I'm good with the 30 year rule but an actual date would be great. GCZ32-509720. Cheers.
  6. Thanks Conn. Are you a member of the Irish Z/ZX Drivers Group on Whatsapp? There's talk of a meet up in Mullingar/Athlone Sun 19th Sept.
  7. Hi guys Just got myself a 1990 300 tt which had been imported from the UK. Needs a bit of work but basically sound. The normal road tax on a 3 litre machine in Ireland is about €1400 but that drops to €56 after it hits 30 years so it's affordable. There's a decent 300 ownership in Ireland, Z31, 32 and a few 33's and 34's but the Z32's are in the majority. I've signed up here for info/advice and general knowledge and look forward to being around for a while. Great cars and great owners!
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