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  1. Hi there just checked the coolant level beside my radiator (right hand side looking at engine) and its reading low. Now do i top it up with coolant (whats the best sort) or do i mix the coolant in with the rad water via the radiator cap. Also what kinda fulid would you recommend for the steering jar on the left hand side of the engine looking at it? Once again a thousand thank yous!!!
  2. Hi there. Just noticed my speedo is acting funny. Its got a mind of its own and happily sitd at 120 then 80 then 40 then 140 all in the space of about a minute? Not being a mechanic im not sure what the problem is, however the earth lead clamp on the batery aint to hot?? Could that be the case as the speedo worked alright last night but dodgy yesterday afternoon! Thanks again Guys.
  3. 109000 on a UK 1991 TT manual
  4. Having only got the car I had asked for the car to be given the once over so i assume when he got in it and drove it on their test road the fact that there is very little lag probably turned his attention to the turbos. Ive found out a little more as my friend works in the dealership next door that this mechanic is a bit of a know all but he is the only person that looks at the 300's as there was a white and blue one in at the same time last year. I cant really turn round to him and say to why were you driving it, if the guy knows his Z's and he take its for a hard spin then he is liabl
  5. I know what your saying about Nissan, i had a simalar exp with my clio williams when i went to renault looking the cam belt done! However this man was in his late 40's and by the sounds of it knew a fair bit. But he couldve read it all in a book. I think i will just run it and maintain it the way i planned. Dont know what boost it is running as i have not got the car it is away getting a cat 1 alarm fitted. Thanks for your help, like ive states before this is my first one never had anything with more than four spark plugs and i just want to enjoy it!! Thanks Guys.
  6. Hi just bought my first 300zx. As ive said in previous posts its a UK manual TT with full history etc etc. Now i bought the car knowing it only had a suspension upgrade,turbo timer and hks induction kit. It now turns out its Got Twin Hybrid turbos. Ive taken it to my local nissan dealership for a service and the guy said its not got standard turbos as there is hardly any lag and its quicker than the ones he's seen before. Now can someone please enlighten me on these? I wanted a standard engine with full history as i wanted to get a reliable one as possible. Will these turbos be
  7. Hi guys what the quickest youve be in a standard TT 300zx ? Heard some scary top speed storys so im just trying to confirm!! Thanks.
  8. They are the very wheel fella!! Where on earth would i get them from? They look like the come on the car and thats what i like about them!!
  9. Yani where did you get them wheels from??
  10. Yeah theres a set there 57F PRO But no 17's!!!! I will find these wheels!! Thanks again!
  11. Nearly just a slightly thinner spoke. What make are they? Thanks.
  12. Hi All. Im after a set of 17 for my Z. I like the idea of a split rim wider rear with 5 spokes not to thick a spoke but not a blade. I think LENSO do a style but the rears aint wider. Does anyone know what im talking about if so please firer the make and model of these wheels. Any links or pics of any kind will be great. Im not into 18s and i do honnestly like the standard 16 on the Z with the right tyre. However if i got a nice set of these 17s im after they would do my job nicely. All the best.
  13. Thanks very much for your help. Im sure this will not be the last post i'll have to do.......... Cheers Guys.
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