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    Live just outside Gloucester. My handle has nothing to do with 300ZX. It has been my handle for years. I am a retro computer fan and collector. The handle ZeDeX82 comes from the name ZX82 which was the prototype name of the Sinclair ZX Spectrum
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    PC, Xbox Web Design and other stuff
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    Avon, Somerset & Gloucester

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  1. Yes. ZeDeX82 Myspace I am on your friends list and subscribed to your blog. I also look in on blooter now and then to see if you have anything new.
  2. It is great Alfo, I still visit your Myspace to find out the latest news and if you have any new songs. I still listen to your album. It is so bl00dy good. If I was to compile my top 10 favourite songs ever, All out of love would be at the top. I have played this album so much, even my 6 year old daughter knows all the words. Really look forward to your new stuff. I really hope that somebody signs you up. Keep it up mate ZeDeX82
  3. Is your mates Xbox Modded?? If not then do a soft mod. This is very easy to do. Then putting a PC HD should not be a problem.
  4. Saw a grey one today at the Tesco petrol pumps in Gloucester.
  5. I am sure there are thousands of people who think that you are wrong.
  6. Just download this album, and it is superb. Many thanks Alfo
  7. I will add them both and hopefully see you guys on there
  8. Just wondered who is on Xbox Live with there 360. I have just bought the wireless thingy and I am online playing COD2. My Tag is ZeDeX82..
  9. I will have a look when I get home tonite
  10. It isn't the quality of the CD's. I had exactly the same problem. You could probably record the CD again on high quality disks, but it will still jump and probably in the same place. I tried everything,high quality media and I even reinstalled NERO, in the end I searched all the techie forums and found out it was NERO that was at fault. The latest versions have a problem with converting MP3 to CDA. Install an older version of NERO, this fixed it for me. Any media works fine..
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