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  1. Hi Graham, Good luck with the track project mate. I look forward to coming and seeing your first race! Andy
  2. OH SHIT! What doesn't kill you makes you stronger I guess. I've been in a similar boat with a so called mate. Some people are just greedy and don't care who they mess around. Best of luck to everyone involved. Andy
  3. Hi Jeff. WTF???!! I leave the scene and pop in to see you with my front bumper and you are selling to Mark Derby, I come back on the scene and this is happening. I'm out of touch. Who's messed you around then? I feel like his forum is in another dimension lol!! Andy
  4. Holy Crap!!!! Big changes in the UK Z Comunity! Good luck to Jeff and congrats to you Mark. Go for it! Andy
  5. Thanks everyone for the replies. I'll get some photos done at the weekend. In fact, I think just coming back on here and hearing from everyone has given me a bit of motivation to get it back together!! Coool!!
  6. Hi All, I'm really struggling to get any enthusiasm together to finish my Z and get it MOT'd for sale! It sounds stupid and lazy but everytime I set some time aside to work on it I seem to find something else to do!! It just needs pulleys, plenum, intercoolers, and a brake pipe re-fitting and it's good to go! Anyone fancy taking it off my hands? Open to offers Andy
  7. I will be selling my SWB TT very soon.Just in the process of putting it back to standard which I will have done in a few weeks. Has a very expensive carbon fiber LED rear light set up thoughj. You can search some of my posts if you want ;-) Andy I'll drop you an email.
  8. Here you go mate. It's the only one like it - Polished end caps to remove casting marks and throttle cable holder removed prior to chroming. Looking for £100
  9. Glad it's gone to a good home Mate! Just promise you won't put a throttle cable cover on it!!! Got some nice chrome coil pack brackets to go with it and a chromed balance bar that I gave some special treatment to...... :thumbup1:
  10. I love it but i feel slightly sick! Arrrrggggh! :crying:
  11. Bloody Hell!! That was one of the worst nights of my life!! Cold, wet, uncomfortable and no sleep. I guess it gives you an insight into what it means to be on the streets but only the tip of the iceberg. At least I could go home in the morning. Any more donations would be gratefully received. Andy
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