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  1. >>Lol, he gave you the opportunity to get let out and you p|ssed it out the window due to pride. Top man Haha - glad I'm not the only one that thought that :o
  2. I wouldn't think it will be 'plug and play', even if they made Astra's in 2001 with A/C (?) you'd probably need a donor car and it would involve swapping a lot of bits around... Having said that, from an electrical point of view the system is really simple, you just need a thermostat in the evaporator and borrow the control board from whatever car you fancy. The hardest part is fitting the Evaporator into the HVAC unit somehow, the second hardest bit is mounting the compressor and finding a crank pulley with enough spaces for an additional belt. Sorry I know very little about Vauxhalls - re-as
  3. What car is it? I've done it in a few Rovers, from modern ones to 80's stuff that would have never had AC... but it depends what car it is and how much work your willing to put in! Dave
  4. ps. no knife crime??!! What you mean is the media is proud of there country and don't report the crime like we do in England. There was a case here where 4 girls where raped in the same location over a period of weeks... nothing in the paper... they didn't know to avoid this particular stretch of road...
  5. I live in Munich too! Flat looks out over the olympic village. Houses here are expensive (in Munich in particular), fuel is nearly same as the UK, there are more 'immigrants' than the uk (which, to be honest, I don't have a problem with), basic rate tax is nearly double that in the UK, the exchange rate is awful, you have to pay the bank to have an account, the bread here is crap and the milk tastes funny... I'm looking forward to coming home!!! Still, it's a great country. I'll miss the beer and the weather. Dave
  6. Yellow one "not sure" = Lotus 2-Eleven (it's written on the side!) Dave
  7. I have a 10 tonne press... it does the job easily... i think 6 tonnes is probably okay. Dave
  8. the Club Arnage Guide to the 24h of Le Mans 2008 is ready for download at It's made by volunteers and can be downloaded for free. Strongly recommend anyone going prints it off (I do it double sided and 2 pages per side), its good reading for the ferry and invaluable once you arrive. Optional contribution to charity is the only payment requested. See the link. Dave
  9. Gods own county. :) (Not originally from down south :hyper:)
  10. But if the objective is to save cost of fuel etc... a JCW / CooperS is going to give you a shock. I think my NA Zed is probably more efficient if driven gently!
  11. I'm an Engineer for BMW (live/work in Munich during the week), and the Mini (especially the Cooper and the CooperS) are fantastic... though obviously i'm biased :) Great little car, well built and reliable - brilliant quick car around the city and on the twisties... a little bit lacking on the motorway but much better than the competition. Have a look at the clubman, I don't 'get' the little door thing, but the leg room in the back is good and the boot is pretty decent too - I think they look better in dark colours. My company car in Munich is a brown (yes brown) Cooper Clubman and I can
  12. Nice looking Red one between Bognor and Chichester last night... looking good!
  13. Canon 400d - suberb, much cheaper than the D40 and still a 'proper' SLR...
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