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  1. .....or somewhere around there? Might have been a trader on here at some point? need a name to google or number to call ASAP if anyone can help me. Thanks.
  2. sorry to butt in but do either of any of you boys use Nassa Performance on North Lane in Aldershot for your Zed. I have used them before and they had 2 or 3 zeds in their garage but i dont think it was anyone on here. I thought their work was really first class and would use them again even though they are not that local for me.
  3. your cyl might be full of fluid (hydrolock?). pull a plug and try turning the engine and it might push out a load of fuel that was held in your cyl. probably wise to keep a rag over the whole and remove all sparks for safety and also remove the fuel pump fuse to stop it pumping any more fuel in there. Leave this fuse out and jam open the throttle to let it dry out before trying another start or you will flood the engine again and it will be a vicious cycle. HTH
  4. That is what they got their name from. They put the sound chip from an Atari 8600 into a keyboard which is where they got alot of their sounds from. 8 bit glory! It will definitely remind you of those Atari games, espeacilly the track XXZXCUZX
  5. I am in love with this album. if you do anything this weekend buy or download a copy of this album. it is ace.
  6. is this true? if so it is a great bit of ammo against the outside lane squatters (not lawfully allowed to be there, no one wants them there and they make everyones life a misery) and the cops if you get stopped for pulling such a manoeuvre. I also used my light whenever slightly dim, why not paid good money for HIDs and they make the car look even more ace, and i also find this helps to prompt people over. I dont know if it make the zed look more menacing from the perspective of a rear view mirror or the extra view photons hitting their retina wakes them up a bit and reminds them the need to move over. outside lane sitters really are a pain and a real hazard on the road. half of them are half asleep at the wheel and have no idea what is going on in the space around them and the other half just have no respect or road courtesy and for some reason think everyone should go at their pace. Im sure these people cause more accidents than people who speed. At least people who ocassionly break the speed limit when they judge it safe to do so using that great human commidity, that is under used and undervalued in modern society, common sense, are awake and aware of people and hazards on the road around them. Of this i am in no doubt.
  7. We all know what the official Highway code rules of the road are that we all ahere to strictly of course but what do people think, or would do in a world without rules. I am not sure if it is the same in the rest of country but in london there are alot of people that dont seem to understand that the outside lane(s) are for overtaking only and when you are not overtaking you should be in the left lane. This stops people being able to overtake them because they will not move over despite the left lane being free. This can be due to pig-headedness, ignorance, lack of spacial awareness or laziness. Although the correct way would be to wait behind at a safe distance until the car infront obeys the rules of the road and moves over but there is sometimes no chance of this happening so what would people do in a more practical world. The choices are; 1. Undertake. Illegal but so is being in the outside lane when not overtaking. Also dangerous if the person takes the hint and starts to move over or if aggravated by your intentions moves over to block thinking they are in the right and have the moral high ground. where possible this can be mitigated by moving more than one lane to the left to prevent this danger somewhat. 2. indicate right. Shows the driver infront that your intention is to pass but can be easily ignored and reinforce the resolution of the slow driver not to move over. Also this can be spotted by other motorists and possible police vehicles from the rear who may then react in the negatory. 3. flash lights. Similar to the above but can be as easily spotted from the rear. Could be deemed as move aggressive than the above which may prove more effective or further strengthen the resolution of the ignorant driver in front. 4. Tailgate. As in the dangerous catagory as point 1 due to the driver infront "testing your reactions" by tapping their brakes. It will show the driver in front that you are keen to get past rather than being happy to follow their pace but again can be either ignored or deemed as agressive with the result of which explained above. This method can be combined with point 2 and/or 3 for greater affect. 5. gesticulate. hand signals that take the place of flashing lights and indicators but again can be easily ignored by the driver infront who has probably not looked in their rear view mirror for the last 5 miles. 6. sit and cope with it. This is the correct method as laid down by the highway code but why should you. Someone is behaving inappropriatly which is inpeiding you from getting on with your journey. In my personal opinion method 1 would be what i (would) employ (if legal). although 2 wrongs dont make a right if it is done in the safest manner possible and you give the driver infront ample time to move over in once your pressence is known i see no problem with it. It does attract some angry reactions and i really dont understand why.
  8. just for a bit of perspective think how much energy, as well as money the gov't get from tax ie £1M per day, is being wasted by shutting down grangemouth refinery and the Fortes pipeline for this minor dispute. I work in the oil and gas industry and i can tell you it would make CO2 emissions from every car in the country for the year seem like small change. Not to mention the additional contribution from transporting in reserves and having to ramp up future production for next few months to make up for the loss. In my opinion there is something murky going on with that strike because it makes no sense that the owners and the gov't have let it go this far but just an example how the gov't is using "green" issues as tax generation. Also bear in mind that I heard yesterday (admittedly from an interview with Cameron so likely to be biased) the gov't is trading on the 3rd biggest budget deficit in the world after Hungary, Paraguay and someone else. This means it is trying to claw in as much money as possible to stay afloat. I also agree with the comment that we are doing more good than any high moral opinion Prius driver by recycling an old car. The energy consumption in making a car (forging the steel for the block being a major one) always far exceeds that of its fuel consumption over its lifecycle. Not even to mention the energy to make a car with 2 engines and a battery full of nasty difficult to extract heavy metals. As ever this is nothing to do with the environment and everything to do with TAX.....!
  9. thinking about the M 4mb package. Been alot of talk about increasing everyone on 4mb upto 10mb so i will get on the train now. anyone got the 4mb? is it any good? it is cable so it is meant to be very reliable. is that right? Also what is the wireless modem like? Will be connecting one laptop wirelessly and xbox via hardwire and occasionally connect via wifi from PSP. will it be able to handle all that at the same time? Any other tips?
  10. Thanks Mario. 1gb in one and 512mb in the other will take the total to 2.024gb if the 2x256mb sticks are left in there. I am guessing there is to free slots so i can add to the 2x256mb that is already in there rather than replacing it??? or am i getting this wrong? any tips on what i should go for with current processor etc and the exact type of memory i need to buy?
  11. .....bit confused. This is what it says about the memory for my laptop from the above link: Memory: 512MB 200pin DDR-333 SODIMM (2 memory slots. Max 2GB) I think that is 2 sticks of 256MB already in there. My questions are; - It says 2gb max so can i wack in a maximum of 1.488gb more? if i exceed that what happens. Because for the 2 memory slots it mentions (i guess these are free slots) i could wack in one 1gb stick and one 512MB(?) stick that would take it just over the 2gb max. what would happen then? Can it be bought in other denominations that would take me exactly to 2gb? - Is it a big advantage to go straight up to 2gb with the processor running in there? What would people recommend i go for with this RAM upgrade? - The original idea was to salvage the 512MB (2x256MB) RAM from the spare and repair laptop i need to replace the DVD drive but some are missing the RAM and are cheaper so i am weighing up the option of buying it seperatly (if worthwhile). - Am i looking for exactly 256mb/512mb/1gb 200pin DDR-333 SODIMM sticks? Nothing else will work? Thanks for the help computer geniuses!
  12. Just downloaded it and having a bit of a play about. Bit disapointed that the set tempo and that of the samples only go up to 120bpm because i wanted to try and do some Breaks/dnb stuff which sounds pathetic at 120bpm. Are there any add-ons you can get with higher tempo samples and beats, at least 160-170bpm? i have seen a few on the net but you have to pay. are there any good sites to download add-ons for free?
  13. Cheers Dan that is similar to what I have found looking on the net. Trouble is i want sky+ too because VM cable is cr@p! Im not sure if you need to have the phone connection anymore for sky though so that could be the way to go. Can you get free international calls through virgin broadband/phone using VOIP?
  14. yeah orange gets my thumbs up. No horror stories like above. Their customer service was terrible the one time there was a problem but hey thats orange for you! Anyone heard about this installation of BT line for free when getting broadband???
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