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  1. Fantastic guy and was always there if you needed him The Z Scene will be missing a true giant Will miss you fella RIP
  2. Well thats me out of a job now and will have to go down and try and get on the dole just dont know how I will survive as I am in a fantastic shape and was hoping to earn enough appearance money to put by for when my body starts to sag
  3. hope you had a great day yesterday and not suffering today from it
  4. And the Classic Z Register got knocked back for the first time in 20 odd years
  5. What gets up my nose is people who post on here pretending to be GOMs when all they are are young whippersnappers who have not lived long enough to qualify as GOMS All you lot are youngsters who have no real experience of annoyance and are just jumping on the GOM bandwagon Why don't the lot of you shut up and stop invading my space and form your own inferior GYB group
  6. and smithy you can shut up as well its taken me all my life to learn to be this grumpy and do not like people trying to take my crown away
  7. 2019 Gets even better 50 years of the 240Z 30 years of the Z32 10 years of the 370Z
  8. THE BIG 50 IS COMING The big 50 is getting nearer and nearer and before we know it will be too late to organize a big special day for everybody to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Z Car even though there is over 2 years to go 2019 is a very special year for quite a few of the different Z models Various venues have been options thought of including the NC500,the Silverstone Classic, Zedfest amonst others Hopefully the event will be attended by members of here,The Z Club, ZCR and both of the 350Z clubs If anyone has any other venues that might be suitable please post them
  9. Good to see you are on your way to getting valuation
  10. I have just spoken to them as well and had a strange sort of conversation with a women there who said that she would ring the club rep and let him have the clubs pass code to give to people who had not received email tickets so they could turn up at the gate with their a copy of the order that was sent to them when they paid originally And guess what I have just been sent by email No not 3 e-tickets but another copy of the original receipt of payment I know of at least 5 on the Z Club who have recieved diddly squat e-ticket wise from them Is there any chance that there is a pass code
  11. Oh dear well as one of the guys who started the whole JAE thing many years ago I suppose that is me off your xmas list
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