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  1. Still not got this done but it on the list to get done shortly luckily the link mondo posted to the parts I needed are still there handy for anyone needing bits for there recaros
  2. Seen it on was of the facebook pages guy was fine not so good for the zed though
  3. Yeah decided just to keep and and re do the bonnet and the wing that have marks on them new back bumper arrives at the weekend and il get the new front and side skirts ordered hopefully start to put it all back together soon
  4. Well I'm finally getting my finger out with this with some help with a gentle boot up the ass from the wife lol Question is though as I kinda neglected it for a bit after I had done 80% of the wrap a few of the panels have been scratched or slight damage to the wrap. Should I stay with the purple black iridescent wrap or go down another colour route?
  5. Doesn't have to be really just need to get it all going so we can stick it through an mot get a wee list of what else I'd need
  6. Where's the best/easiest place to get a new clutch master and slave cylinder from? Also prabably gonna need to get new belts ect so be handy to probably just get it all at the same time for the mechanic
  7. Couldn't believe it had been so long since I had been on here when I was looking. Zed is still parked up three quarters finished maybe this year haha
  8. looks like its just us mate
  9. Might end up just me and you lol
  10. zerocooldel

    Meet up

    Who fancies getting together end of January been ages since I met up with everyone gonna try throw myself into the zed this year been far to long
  11. I'd be up for a meet at some point guys been to long
  12. I still do it and my zed has been sitting on the driveway half-finished for ages haha
  13. I how does the 5th or 6th sound to everyone
  14. i never realised there was so many parts to the targas till i decided i wanted to wrap the black trim in carbon fibre lol looks great cant wait to see it
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