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  1. i changed all my bushes to Nismo . The ride is quite comfortable over bumps . I think they are not easy to get now though.
  2. Hi, i've cancelled your old 1 year subscription.

    If you go to the membership toolbar up top the two year option should now be available.


    1. nicjwin


      Thanks JaiKai renewed now

  3. Hi the 2 year subscription option isn’t working on the site 

    just trying to renew 

    1. Gaz 300

      Gaz 300

      Will get Lee to check it out nicjwin.


  4. ConceptZ selling Xenon headlight kits . https://conceptzperformance.com/nissan-infiniti-nissan-jdm-1999-fairlady-z-hid-xenon-headlights-nissan-300zx-z32-26010-vp126-kt_p_361.php Would look good
  5. I just bough a brand new MAF from Z1 at $248 ordered friday arrived Monday . Good to get one while they are available
  6. Best to get an MOT after May this year . If buying insist on a new MOT at the local council run station . Stops the mates MOT
  7. HID Conversions are MOT fail from 20 th May I believe . I'm planning to take mine out.
  8. The picture from Jeff was my Z . It included a new condenser ( 9 months back order from Concept Z) about 5 yrs ago. New evaporator and new compressor and pipes. It all works very cold now. Nick
  9. PSKITS.com have a full range of seal kits $18.86 for the 300ZX
  10. Might be worth reading Honest John for his views . If your knock sensor is working cheap fuel can be managed .
  11. Hi i need to remove the small connector from the hicasc ecu . could you remind me of the hicas ecu location thanks nick
  12. After a car reversed in to me in a supermarket carpark , i now have cameras fitted to all my cars. eventually got a result as I got a written witness statement immediately . Even with legal expenses insurance the lawyers wanted to do knock for knock .
  13. How many left has the Twin Turbo as 2014 Q1 37 Licenced , 62 SORN Mine is licenced in case I want to take it out, but maybe not till March
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