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  1. Thanks Ian so where is the signal out?
  2. Fitting - Black is ground 0V- ground? Red - 12v+? Blue/Purple - the signal wire? Grey wire unused what do I do with the yellow wire ?
  3. I have just had my wheel alignment done by Pro Tyre & have to take it back because of wheel wobble at 60 & it pulls to the left! these are supposed to be professionals & it cost me £98! 😡
  4. My tyre sizes, if I have read the chart right the difference at 90 mph is 90.7 mph (not sure what this means) Thank you for the compliment, I did not know my headlight spec! The lights were on it when I imported the car.
  5. Looking at TCV in Japan Z prices from K10-K17 pounds so the prices have risen.
  6. Hi thank you for the advice. when I imported my Z it came with that set up. So I have just replaced like for like size wise. Tyres are ordered & paid for & booked in on Saturday. tbh I have not had any issues but I’m no Lewis Hamilton 😀
  7. Just ordered new tyres front & rear. 225/40 Goodyear’s front & 265/35 Nankang rear both 18s fitting Saturday, I have Bridgestone on the front at the moment with nankang rear. Same setup when I imported my zed. So I have gone with Goodyear at the front this time. I haven’t had any tyre issues to be honest so should be happy with the set up.
  8. Thank you all for my B/day wishes. It must be me but my B/day is the 21 August Have I got it wrong on my profile or something 🙂 ?
  9. I purchased a set of UK dials last year. Today was going to fit them however the back electric sockets are different to mine! My Z is a TT jap import. I thought it might be a simple change. Apparently NOT! Advice please Art
  10. I got through 4 autos before a manual conversion. Getting a manual will cost around a 1K then, new fly wheel/clutch/master & slave cylinders ect. I never used the A/T switch BTW but mines a TT
  11. Here we go again! Washed polished going to see my son in Henlow tomorrow. Hope with the roof off!
  12. I washed the car then had a drive when I got back it began to rain!
  13. I had a similar problem some years back with a MX5 which turned out to be a faulty ptu.
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