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    middle aged male, two sons one @ loughborough uni the youngest doing A levels. 3 sisters all great! two live in or near Sheffield & one in Devon. Lived in Belgium & Germany.
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    cars/squash/travel/eating out
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  1. Here we go again! Washed polished going to see my son in Henlow tomorrow. Hope with the roof off!
  2. I washed the car then had a drive when I got back it began to rain!
  3. I had a similar problem some years back with a MX5 which turned out to be a faulty ptu.
  4. Not sure how many zeds are going this Sunday but I will be there. Be nice to see 6 or more. Weather good bring it on!
  5. weather forecast is dry & sunny
  6. I believe I have 1 new 370cc Jecs injector ur welcome to. You would have to ask if it is ok to fit with ur other injectors. Art
  7. I’m taking the Z out today going to Rolvenden in the heart of Kent! Sunday drivers.😀
  8. Thanks all, Joel the front bumper is in need of painting. Also there are a few spots of rust that need attention. It was booked into the paint shop over a year ago now! Unfortunately my fourth autobox failed so the paint shop was cancelled & the manual conversion took place with new lightweight clutch & flywheel, new plugs & coil packs, at the same time the front jacking points got sorted at the body shop. So with running costs of around 3K + sadly the paint job at this moment been put on hold. Also it was only 6 months before this that the cam belt and all was done!. Pearl white not easy to match up!, So still work to be done. Don’t we just lorve Zeds ? Art
  9. You could consider importing one? look at TC-V.com use filters 1990-1996 Nissan Fairlady Z TC-V is the new name for Trade Car View Art
  10. Thank you committee. happy Easter 🐣 to all Art
  11. Do not normally take the Z out during the week but did today as the weather forecast is good. Ok it’s only a 40 mile round trip but always nice to drive.
  12. 10am is good for me as l will becoming from Folkestone which is 1h &30mins drive. can we have a post code please? Is it RH5 6AA
  13. Happy birthday Joel. Have a good one. Art
  14. Yes it is the aircraft museum just outside Rye.
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