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  1. Hide & Seat👍Definitely Simon did my gear knob & gaiter, excellent job👍 arthur
  2. Anyway having spent the best part of £4K on my zed in the past year & still needing a paint job we will have to wait to see what 2021 brings with a new US president & a vaccine ?
  3. Looks like we are in the minority?
  4. You could ask jimmer what u need to do. also was it your knowledge that the job could be done before you started? Art
  5. Agreed, we do owe so much!
  6. Hi Andrew, as my z was an auto I don’t have those vacuum tanks. My hose goes direct from the balance bar to the booster as you have mentioned. The lighter hose.
  7. Thank you for the information Andrew, as always a great help. I have ordered the one way valve & it is on its way. It is that not vary long booster hose which CZP have but LHD! Im trying to source a second hand one which is proving hard too! Art
  8. Hi Andrew, Are they available the hose & or the valve? is it a conceptz trip again! thanks for the up date.
  9. Hi, does the clutch hose that goes from the engine balance bar to the clutch slave cylinder have a one way valve in it?
  10. As I have just replied to Garry about discussing Zeds, I will just bring you up to date with my zed. I imported the Z myself back in 2014. At the end of 2019 my 3rd auto box failed. I managed to source a full manual conversion in January 2020. New Exedy lightweight flywheel, clutch plate & bearing. New manual gearbox loom purchased. All coil packs & spark plugs replaced Front sills replaced tomorrow & ready to drive home Friday all being well. Art
  11. Yes it would be that time! My zed has been off road for nearly a year now. It is ready to go with a manual conversion in place. Just having the front sills replaced tomorrow at the body shop. So I hope to get it home this Friday! So apprehensive about collecting it. I hope I remember it now has 3 peddles!!!
  12. Great photos Garry, I remember us speaking about your interest in getting the pearl yellow Zed. A few years back that was! Front page stuff great call for the Zed & club Art 👍
  13. Hi JaiKai as you can see I’m not so tech! i prefer my older one. yes I probably have & have hotmail & gmail should I get rid of the gmail app? thank you for swift reply Art213
  14. Hi committee l appear to have two names on the forum? can you advise? my original name Art213 & now seems to be arthur my original avatar is my white zed. Arthur is my photo with my son! how do I correct this please? 😀
  15. Just been to see my zed which is all back together & running perfect! I have decided to get the sills done (the front jacking points have been squashed) over time. l am expecting a hefty cost with two bills!
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