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  1. Received! Sorry for the delayed confirmation!
  2. 100% Jim. I don't have experience of any other Zed mechanics (that are still in business) to compare to but then again...I've never had to find someone to compare against.
  3. What's that Andrew? You have a spare seat and you'd love for me to ride along with you?? 😅
  4. The Goodwood Breakfast Club is hosting the 90s on 7 November. Seems like the perfect opportunity to show the Z32s off (weather permitting!). I'm not sure if I'm able to go yet but thought it would be of interest to the others on here. I took my old Zed about 12yrs ago and even managed to park the car on the start/finish straight where it go a lot of attention! Was an early but fun morning out and I'd be keen on going again. https://www.goodwood.com/motorsport/breakfast-club/
  5. haha, that's the one Andrew 🤣
  6. Was a nice day out. Not as big / busy as I was expecting / was advertised but still enjoyable. Great to see so many lovely examples of the Z32 on our club stand. I wasn't able to chat to all the owners but was nice to see some old faces. Hopefully I can join you all again for next year!
  7. Happy to be attending this year! Will be great to reconnect with the club 😁
  8. As hard as I tried! I quickly came to realise that it's the driving experience and not the price tag / badge on the car that brought me most pleasure. Shame it took this long but glad I've realised it now.
  9. Thanks Andrew! Will give them a buzz too. Hope the fact it'll be imported won't be an issue (premium).
  10. I already found my Zed! 😬 It's on the way to holding before hopping a ferry over here. I expect it'll be almost Christmas by the time it arrives here...just in time to go into storage! 🤣
  11. Thanks! Not heard of Grove & Dean before, will check them out Unfortunately not! Had that for 18mths and then sold. Replaced with a E91 335i MSport when baby #1 arrived which was then replaced by a Range Rover TDV8 when baby #2 arrived! Hence the itch to get back to something a little more sporty 😅
  12. Hello everyone! I've been lurking on here every now and then since selling up in 2016 but I've really been feeling the itch to get back in a 300zx for the last couple of years. I've been watching the markets for the 'right' one for the past year and not much has come up that got me very excited. I do have a question for which I tried searching the forum and couldn't find an answer....is anyone able to recommend insurers/brokers for Jap imports? 😏 Of course I google searched also but anyone with a positive experience of any would be good to know!
  13. Looks like a great day with lots of cars to see! Shame about the weather though 😞
  14. Thanks for the heads up! Annoyingly, I've already gone and made alternative plans Sent from my SM-G960F using Tapatalk
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