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  1. Afternoon all, got a question about pcv valves just bought 2 brand new oem valves decided to check them before fitting to make sure they opened end closed properly by applying mouth pressure to either end. One of them closes fully but the other does not seem to seal fully is this normal or is a faulty part ?
  2. Time Left: 22 days and 22 hours

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    Hi All, I am looking for a pair of original front pipes complete with cats. Its for a J spec TT LWB Manual, New or Used


  3. no problem Cornish wrecker will post the photos when i get the new rims fitted,cheers for the compliment mate
  4. ps what grade oil would you suggest thanks
  5. evening all,just a couple of questions of a tech nature i am going to be doing an oil change on the motor,is there any differance between a j-spec oil filter and a uk one? also was planning to use a genuine nissan item but my local dealership aint to interested in my motor cos its an import any ideas? also want to change the fuel filter & spark plugs whats the best make ?
  6. these are the rims i,m thinking of having http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/18-ALLOY-WHEELS-NISSAN-SKYLINE-GTT-GTS-TOYOTA-SOARER_W0QQitemZ350157200343QQihZ022QQcategoryZ28648QQtcZphotoQQcmdZViewItemQQ_trksidZp1713.m153.l1262
  7. thanks again for the compliments dudes,fitted the ally rad last week some butcher had cut the top pipe in half will upload a picture of that as soon as.want to swap the standard rims next ,seen the ones i want they will look phat ! lol
  8. cheers dudes will see you all at the forth coming shows hopfully
  9. had my car for a couple of months now, just thought i,d put up some pics:nana2:
  10. thanks for sorting my membership out,look forward to recieving my membership pack
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