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  1. Hi all, Has anyone replaced the cam belt idler stud bolts ? a couple of questions one is with regard to the torque settings for the stud bolts them selves the service book only seems to list the torque settings for the idler pulley retaining nuts. The other concern is how difficult are they to remove has anyone had them sear off ?
  2. Time Left: 24 days and 9 hours

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    Hi All, I am looking for a pair of original front pipes complete with cats. Its for a J spec TT LWB Manual, New or Used


  3. Afternoon all, got a question about pcv valves just bought 2 brand new oem valves decided to check them before fitting to make sure they opened end closed properly by applying mouth pressure to either end. One of them closes fully but the other does not seem to seal fully is this normal or is a faulty part ?
  4. if your talking about the black backing that sits in front of the dials then that just clips in.
  5. Hi Mate got mine from Mike at MJP the black back ground trim is part no 93094-42P10 twin turbo emblem 93094-4P02 nissan emblem 93094-40P00.
  6. Ford graphite grey seems to match the mirror flitches pretty well.
  7. Put mine in the washer when i first bought my Z they came out as new.Not driven the car without them.
  8. I used Ford Graphite grey on mine. It is a pretty close match to the original colour that is on the mirror flitch.
  9. I used a set of those on mine. they fit perfectly but the heavier red wire is the opposite way around on the original wiring harness so i switched them around before i soldered onto the harness. my original conectors looked like they had spent the last 21 years at the bottom of the atlantic along with the titanic when i unplugged them for a plenum pull !
  10. Or use inner brake lights for fog lights using a two way relay. Jeff TT has a post on here showing the wiring diagram.
  11. Redundant multi plugs on the off side inner wing next to the hicas valve would sugest the car was originally an auto.
  12. Hi Mate contact this guy Wheels UK on 02476367744 he will sort it for you
  13. Hi Guys, I have greddy oil temp & pressure gauges fitted. the sender units are fitted to a sandwich plate that will not take a genuine nissan oil filter without emptying £50 worth of silkolene all over the floor ! I have spotted 2 blanking plugs on the oil tree above the oil filter one of them has a 10 mm bolt in it the other has an allen headed blanking plug. Is it possible to use these 2 for the sender units and do away with this naff sandwich plate ?
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