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  1. I did end up with a complete car at least, but with a lot of faults that need putting right at my expense now, which he should have resolved. if he did have any self respect or decency over what he has done, then he would have been in touch long before now to try and resolve it with everyone. his lack of contact should be making that loud and clear
  2. I saw your car in the workshop at the time, and some of the fabrication work did look pretty good. having also been left with an incomplete build by him, i am not sure i would want to entrust another car to him, as it would only get done in his spare time while not earning a living, because he couldnt afford to do it otherwise.
  3. The halo saved his life, for sure, but he also had a lot of luck on his side as well. If the car had got wedged just a little further back in the armco, so if it had rebounded back a little after the roll bar hit the armco and stopped him, the armco across the top of the halo would have made escape impossible. That's not a negative on the halo, just an observation on the circumstance. Lucky he didn't get knocked unconscious too, as already noted. The gap between the rows of armco should be removed, by designing them to interlock, unless they become a one piece section. Th
  4. Very likeable unoffensive guy, not looking for shock factor and reactions like people do nowadays. the entertainers for our generation are getting on though...
  5. Do you have them in an open folder or changed permissions on them Jeff, to allow viewing? Many sites show 404 error (not found) rather than authentication error, to dissuade further attempts to access.
  6. Been using it, quite like it most of the time.
  7. this one up for auction also looks interesting 🙂 https://stratas.auction/auction/1990-nissan-npt-90-42
  8. I have 3 zeds in various stages of project status, anyone want to buy them as a job lot? grab yourselves a bargain 😁
  9. Welcome back and good luck with the z revival. We are always doing our best to keep the forum alive and kicking, although it's hard to kick once you have the zimmer frame 😀
  10. Welcome Tony. Am sure someone will come along soon with aerial help. Does it just not extend? Broken and half out? Does it make any noise?
  11. So many sale posts recently, that i presume everyone wants in on the 400Z when it is launched, and needs to save purchase/import fees to get the "first in UK" kudos? 😀 I had given thought to trying to sell my lot, simply because i have no room or time to do anything with them at the moment, but looks like this max exodus and saturation will have a bit of an impact and might as well go to welding/painting night school instead 🤓 Seems sad to think that so many great members are selling up though.
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