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  1. this one up for auction also looks interesting 🙂 https://stratas.auction/auction/1990-nissan-npt-90-42
  2. I have 3 zeds in various stages of project status, anyone want to buy them as a job lot? grab yourselves a bargain 😁
  3. Welcome back and good luck with the z revival. We are always doing our best to keep the forum alive and kicking, although it's hard to kick once you have the zimmer frame 😀
  4. Welcome Tony. Am sure someone will come along soon with aerial help. Does it just not extend? Broken and half out? Does it make any noise?
  5. So many sale posts recently, that i presume everyone wants in on the 400Z when it is launched, and needs to save purchase/import fees to get the "first in UK" kudos? 😀 I had given thought to trying to sell my lot, simply because i have no room or time to do anything with them at the moment, but looks like this max exodus and saturation will have a bit of an impact and might as well go to welding/painting night school instead 🤓 Seems sad to think that so many great members are selling up though.
  6. nice little trip Richard, and car looking nice. Had a couple of exterior rust spots sorted on mine this weekend, front and rear arch on driver side. Need to sort rear passenger side another weekend.
  7. Deja vu on unread threads 😀 Sorry to hear it didnt go to plan but thanks for the continued attention and upkeep Lee, always appreciated 👍
  8. Take your car Richard, if you plan on attending anyway? ? i would offer, but am not sure if i will be isolating or not, but will be willing to take it if all else fails.
  9. They always want the basic 6 pics as a baseline on the vehicle, to ensure there is no existing damage or obvious defects that they should know about. They ask for this each year, and always want fresh pics, not re-used. As part of the overall valuation, you want to be sending detailed pics of the work or parts that are being used to justify the valuation, such as chassis and corrosion work, rust proofing, strip downs for restoration or repainting. Agreed value is not just the sum of the parts. The valuation guys are not expert in every vehicle, but they do understand the value of pre
  10. Dont think club funds will stretch anywhere near the opening bid !
  11. craig

    Washer Pump

    Time Left: 21 days and 5 hours

    • Wanted
    • Used

    looks like i might be needing to replace my windscreen washer pump. anyone got a spare they would part with?


  12. Yes, i meant for end of year, after it is SORNed, you could still book and take it without taking it off SORN. Mine failed on some minorly stupid things which i didnt get a chance to check before i took it. Spent the weekend replacing 2 very leaky fuel hoses, and decorating, so i forgot to check all the MOT items once i put the battery on and realised they had degraded since last use.
  13. You can still drive it while SORN if you pre-book the MOT Gary, at least here you can? The MOT exemption stops at end of July, so if your MOT is due in August, it will not get extended.
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