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  1. welcome back, glad to see you are keeping well.
  2. Haha. Since you. Love it. Haha
  3. craig

    Washer Pump

    Time Left: 7 days and 19 hours

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    looks like i might be needing to replace my windscreen washer pump. anyone got a spare they would part with?


  4. Bugger, i think that’s put me out of the running now. 😆
  5. Best wishes on the decade milestone 🙂 and yes, it does look like it 😄
  6. Hi Adam, there is a classified section although not many in there at present. https://www.300zx.co.uk/classifieds/
  7. Haha, oops. i read the “june and birthday” and forgot about the title. still like it though. Was proposed here a few years ago i recall
  8. I like the idea, seems not too many other comments though? The route down would be difficult to include East and West, but through the middle should be fine. June this year might be a little ambitious though?
  9. I did end up with a complete car at least, but with a lot of faults that need putting right at my expense now, which he should have resolved. if he did have any self respect or decency over what he has done, then he would have been in touch long before now to try and resolve it with everyone. his lack of contact should be making that loud and clear
  10. I saw your car in the workshop at the time, and some of the fabrication work did look pretty good. having also been left with an incomplete build by him, i am not sure i would want to entrust another car to him, as it would only get done in his spare time while not earning a living, because he couldnt afford to do it otherwise.
  11. The halo saved his life, for sure, but he also had a lot of luck on his side as well. If the car had got wedged just a little further back in the armco, so if it had rebounded back a little after the roll bar hit the armco and stopped him, the armco across the top of the halo would have made escape impossible. That's not a negative on the halo, just an observation on the circumstance. Lucky he didn't get knocked unconscious too, as already noted. The gap between the rows of armco should be removed, by designing them to interlock, unless they become a one piece section. The gaps, or even a missing bottom row of armco that you see on many roads and motorways are a massive danger, especially to a sliding biker too. The armco was mostly going in the right direction Tony, it was a blunt hit purely because he was veering across the circuit at that point, if he had just run wide earlier, and was still going in the right direction, there would have been a much simpler deflection. On a lighter note, it was strange to see him escape and jump from behind the barrier over to track side of the barrier to get to safety, when he was already on the safer side. I am sure that was instinct kicking in, when stood up in the cockpit and feeling the armco to hand, jump over it away from the fire, as well as seeing someone trying to pull him clear. Did you see that his visor appeared to have melted a little too, although i am unsure if that would just be the tear off strips that melted, making it look like the visor had too, as i would expect the visor to be a bit more resilient than that?
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