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  1. Happy belated birthday Richard, havent got on much lately with working silly hours :thumbup1:
  2. Happy Birthday mate, all the best :thumbup:
  3. Happy Belated birthday mate, i thought you were older than me :lol:
  4. Colwell bay, of course lol, my mum lives in Totland nearly overlooking that bay :laugh: Nice to have another zed on the island, i think Scotty was the last one ive seen actually on the road over here lol So where will you be living when the house is ready?
  5. Compliments on your move Mike, i recognise the new Portsmouth ferry terminal, topdeck lol, but cant quite place the other pics, must be Seaview possibly :lol: And i plan to get my zed back on the road for this summer , apart from missing it so much, i have lots of people now wanting to see her live again :thumbup:
  6. All the best Jeff, have a good one :thumbup:
  7. Happy Birthday mate, all the best to you :thumbup:
  8. Have you driven yours though Ali? 112kph is when the speed chime on imports if still fitted comes on and if you put your sidelights on and open the door, engine off does it bong? If not then its likely to have been removed or disconnected as its the first thing to go for many owners lol
  9. Welcome to the club Scott, sorry to hear about your mum. Faq section has plenty of info and links to all your questions, but dont hesitate to ask to clarify or require something thats not listed. As Gary posted above, the speed chime is standard on imports and is a little black box located to the left rear of the dash binnacle, remove the two screws under the hood of the dash, lift off the top and you can unplug the box. This will also lose the lights left on bong, but better than it getting on your nerves at speed lol. There are speedo convertors to get rid of the chime, convert speedo to mph, but can also affect power steering by tricking the ecu into thinking its going slower, alternative is to get hold of a UK set of clocks, which will eliminate all together and read mph.
  10. Sounds great with low mileage, look forward to the pics :thumbup:
  11. Nice to see you back Paul. any garage can do a clutch, no other specialist knowledge required for that one, price depends on garage
  12. Happy Birthday mate have a good one :thumbup:
  13. Joely normally has a stash of biscuits in his boot :drool::lol:
  14. Will be the first year i havent been, after Spain last week and going to Venice next week, cant fit it in unfortunately, but you guys will have a great time, always loved the weekend and def go next year Enjoy :thumbup:
  15. I was in Spain last week and only topped about 28, most days 24-26, i think im going to Portugal next year :clap:
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