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    Love my wife... Love my kids... Love my 300zx.
    Maybe not in that order!!! Member no.001138
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  1. All good here mate, how you doing? Cheers, Al
  2. Hello all, Can someone edit my for sale post (my 300ZX for sale) as it is now sold. Thank you
  3. Hey people, Just to let you all know, I have put my 300 on Auto trader for sale. This was a very hard decision for me to make and I am, to put it bluntly, absolutely gutted. Myself and my wife have opened a new business venture and we need funds to make it work, so the zed has to go. You may think the figure is too high, but I have valued it on the time, money and back breaking hours spent on getting my 300 to what she is today. Just spent over £4000 getting some paint work, injectors, cambelt and service (Jimmer) to get her to a saleable condition. Just thought I'd put it on here so people know it's my zed on the market. ? Many thanks guys...... Alz
  4. Got them on my 300, good fit and cannot fault them. I did remove the CC and relocated the washer bottle for better airflow. Also, modified the front repeaters as the filament holder just snags on the IC.
  5. I still have the beast matey...... But unfortunately she will be up for sale soon as Dawn and myself have just entered a big business venture, and the car has to go. Gutted really, but we need to invest - - - Updated - - - Cheers Alic ����
  6. Hi all, been a long time. Hope all is well on here ?❤️
  7. Hi Mate

    That would be cool

    I don't suppose you're the man in Great Barton with a grey car cover are you?

    I'm in Badwell Ash by the way



  8. Hi mate, I am near Bury too, north about 10mins in a small village. Could meet up soon. Al.
  9. This is how I modified my front repeaters for the larger SMIC I have.
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