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  1. Bri, when I bought my car, it had UK spec rear wheels on the front. Had no issues back then. Barry
  2. Hi Hubert, as far as im aware there is no issue with running the Racelogic with the Emerald. That was the plan we had. But during tuning, we had issues initially with the car missing at around 2000rpm. It was a long day and John decided to disconnect the Racelogic, just incase it was the traction control kicking in on the rollers. But later we found it was a CAS issue. Thats when John had the new CAS discs made up. Hopefully John might see the thread and shed a little light on this, as he knows the 300zx inside out when it comes to tuning and the Emerald system. Barry
  3. Hi Hubert, was a pleasure meeting both you and your wife Catherine. Im guessing the distance you drove home, is more miles than I did in the car in the past few years :) Thanks for showing the photos of your other cars, very nice cars. Will keep an eye out for your postings to see your progress with the car. Barry
  4. Hi Nathan, was a pleasure meeting you and showing you the car. Like I said, I wont be re-advertising on Pistonheads or Ebay now until later in November, apart from the for sale thread on here. So apart from the people who have shown an interest already, there wont be too many more just for now, so who knows. Hope your mrs didnt spend too much at the Trafford Centre :) Barry
  5. I have had some enquiries from Sweden and France re my car for sale. I remember one person mentioning it had to be a UK spec for them, but cant remember if that was one of the guys from Sweden or France. Barry
  6. No, this guy does the photos and article then I guess sells them to magazines. I would love to do it, but dont think I will have time. Im currently nearing the end of chemotherapy, then in about 6 weeks will be having surgery, then back on chemotherapy. So various hospital appointments inbetween.
  7. Decided to get my 300 a little more noticed and also thought it would bring a little more recognition to 300s in general, so put it on Readers Cars forum on Pistonheads. Mostly positive comments from everyone, some not liking the nose panel, but otherwise seems to be liked by most. Received an email yesterday from a freelance photographer who wants to do an article on the car. Not sure if I will have time to do it, but would love to as the photos on his site are superb. If I dont get time, I can always pass his details onto anyone who purchases my car. Was quite honoured really to ge
  8. Nathan, Give me a week or two, I will get the car MOTd and Taxed and get it to Phil at Blackmoor, he can give it a once over. Then that way if your seriously interested, I could take you for a test drive. I will be in touch with everyone who had shown interested next week, to let them know what has happened and that the car will be fully ready for sale within the next 2 weeks. Barry
  9. The guy contacted me through Pistonheads. But have had some silly messages from ebay, saying great car, I have no money, but do you want a Vectra!. To be honest, I wouldnt of minded if the guy had called me just to say, he wanted to see another. Its the fact his business partner called me, then insulted me with the offer.
  10. Had my car on Pistonheads and Ebay for just over a month, quite a lot of interest and many messages of great car, keep it. Decided because it may take a while to sell, I wouldnt tax or mot, keep it SORNd for now. If anyone is interested, they could view the car, if interested, I would MOT, TAX and Insure the car, so it could be take for a test drive. Received call last week, someone interested, explained the above, no problems. Dad and his son came to view, car was for dad, son races a RX7 car, so knows jap cars. Totally loved the car, amazed with the work, the receipts. Decided the
  11. Had same problems yesterday, 300zx.co.uk wouldnt respond, neither would pistonheads, but most other sites would. I use Virgin Media, so guess it was an issue with them. All working again today :) Barry
  12. Thanks for the advice. I think the fault lies with the model of treadmill Proform 3.8. You would start running, then sometimes within a few minutes the motor just stops, or the belt moves very slowly, as soon as you put pressure on, it stops. The fault was intermitent, but since the last visit, it wouldnt clear at all. Its been the same fault on two machines, many motors, circuit boards, power supplies. Sometimes the parts that have been sent have been faulty. Also, the last time I spoke with the service centre, the guy kind of admitted there maybe an issue when I said I have found m
  13. Does anyone know where I stand with an item that has been faulty, either not working, or working with a fault, or waiting for repair ever since I bought the unit?. I bought a ProForm treadmill in Oct 2009, in the first year an engineer must of visited at least 5 times and the same fault was still present. Eventually the treadmill was replaced. I didnt use the treadmill as I lost motivation and interest. I started using the new machine and found it still to be suffering with the same problem. The warranty now is out, although they have still replaced more parts in the past week. The t
  14. Couple of my favourites from last year, not sure why but the camera gave the car a look of pearlescent red, which I really like. Barry
  15. Decided not to re-insure the Z this year and concentrate on doing some work around the house and garden. I have a drive through garage attached to the house and bring the car through to wash. At the moment theres a concrete slab (was the base of the old garage). Im unsure what to do, I want an area for washing the car and also to make the garden look good. I dont know if to lay flags on the concrete, ive seen an expoxy resin finish, or to dig out the concrete and either, block pave or consider concrete imprint. Ive considered doing it in two sections, depending on price, so the area
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