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  1. Cheers man! Nice to see a few people I know on here! πŸ‘πŸ™‚
  2. Cheers Tony! Crohns has been difficult these last few years tbh but still managing to stay vertical the majority of the time so mustn’t grumble. Music stuff is still very much front and centre, but like everyone, coronavirus hit us hard. Tours were cancelled and pretty much everything got put on hold so I’ve just been keeping busy writing for both the next album and a new electro side project. Really missing playing live though. πŸ˜•
  3. Cheers Si, Gaz and...um...Nips πŸ˜¬πŸ€­πŸ˜‰, appreciate the welcome back lads! πŸ™‚
  4. Been away in the world of LR Defenders for a while now (currently on my third πŸ˜‚) but thought I’d resurrect my membership and say hi. My LWB TT is gone, the VH45DE conversion got sold part way through as I needed the money, the spare shell went around the same time and I’m now down to our LWB NA (not to mention a metric fvck-tonne of spares πŸ˜…) which has been off the road with electrical issues for quite a few years now. Just need to find a decent Z specialist to get her back on the road! Leigh.
  5. Cheers Si! Great to see another friendly face and your Zed's looking good chap! :)
  6. Many thanks for the info Mark. As much as it would be an obscene amount of fun I think our remaining NA (my wife's!) is best left unfettled as our plan is to return it back to factory spec so this kit will definitely be going up for sale. Speaking of bottle's, I did a bit more hunting today and it turns out that I still have the 11lb bottle it came with which is a bonus.
  7. Noted. Cheers for the interest. Right, well I seem to have got the majority of my questions answered a lot sooner than I expected. A Wizard of Nos rep has just been in contact (at gone 1am in the morning...now that's customer service!) - apparently it's an older Street Blaster 150i system that appears to have been professionally modified to turn it into a twin nozzle system. There's also a Minimax controller circuit-board/digital display without its casing (maybe it lived in a custom dash pod?) and a TPS unit. The WoN guy seems quite interested in it and is being pretty helpful but still digging for info on price etc.
  8. Around the time I was doing the VH45DE conversion I was buying and selling a lot of parts to get everything I needed and at one point I ended up with a Wizard of Nos car-kit as part payment on an item I was selling. My health got worse, the project got canned and a lot of the parts got put into storage. Fast forward quite a few years and whilst having a clear-out I come across the same kit, exactly in the same condition I'd left it (dry storage, even temperature etc.). I've got absolutely no idea what I've got or what it's worth, if anything, so I'm trying to do a little digging. I've just reached out to WoN on their Facebook page but I was wondering if anyone on here could also shed any light on what I've got? It might be pennies or it might be a few bob but either way, once I know a bit more it'll be going up for sale!
  9. Awwww...cheers fellas :) I don't know how we managed it but two tiny folk like us have somehow managed to make a Hulk of a baby. He was born 8lb 15oz (C-Section thank Christ! ;) ) and at nearly 5 months he's well over a stone!! :D
  10. Hey guys, thanks for the welcome back :) I sold my two other Z's and the VH45DE conversion as my health took a bit of a nosedive so I wasn't able to work on them as much as I needed to but we still have one NA Z left (technically Lucie's... ;) ) although that's currently been off the road nearly 2 years after a starter motor/electrical problem. Although I still love Z's I moved back into Land Rover Defender's and after a succession of glorious, wobbly, oil spitting trucks we finally found the funds to buy a mint 2009 110 XS...it has electric windows, proper air-con (not just a couple of rusty holes you can see the road through), heated seats and everything (heated seats! In a Defender! I nearly fell over...). But that's not really the big news - nearly five months ago Luce gave birth to our first son, "Hunter"! And yep, the band's still going. We're halfway through releasing a series of four 3-track EP's, the first two called Supplication and Devotion respectively, available in all the usual haunts like Amazon, iTunes etc.etc. Funnily enough I'm in the studio tomorrow for another session on the third EP...it's hard work at times as trying to get noticed in the industry is a little like banging your head repeatedly against a brick wall but we're getting some great press and it's still fun which is a big thing. Here's a link to me and the lads poncing about in a disused factory (the natural habitat of Alt-Rock musicians): Anyway, the plan is to eventually get Luce's Z back to mint stock condition as best we can and selling some aftermarket bodywork bits and some hideously expensive fast road/track Dry Sump equipment from PACE when I get round to it so I'll probably be lurking around the forums on and off. Nice to see some familiar names are still about. :) Leigh.
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