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  1. Thanks to everyone whose offered help with my problem or has just simply said hello. I'm not here on a regular basis so apologis if I took awhile to respond to any messages.
  2. No I'm in 2 Royal Anglian Trenchard Bks in on the outskirts of Celle town. As for the light problem it's now sorted. Thanks to an earlier reply to my problem from Mr Legrath I've been in contact with a place in Holland. They seem to have just about everything you could wish for and if they don't have it they can get it.
  3. Diffusers only are only legal for upto 28 days. Just enuf time to cover you for a holiday.
  4. Thanks very much I'll get onto them now an see what they come up with. :hyper:
  5. Just been sent to Germany and I need a set of lefthand drive headlights or moded lights for my 93 non turbo zed. Can anyone point me in the right direction give advice or details of anyone who can help me with this problem. I'm fast running out of time as the germans are being their usual helpful selves and muggin me off. I have only a limited amount of time to get my headlights sorted. Any help would be very appreciated in this matter. :slap:
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