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    What can I say? I was born in 1970, I became interested in cars from around 8 years old (thanks to my Uncle Bob) and I still have not grown out of the habit!! I bought my my first 300zx in 2003 and still cannot shake the addiction. I joined this club way back then as a raw newbie and now do my bit for it as club sec. There were no doubt some other important events in my life between those dates but they are but pale memories...........
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    Great Missenden; Buckinghamshire
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    My cars, walking, history, coast & countryside, fine food/wine, the 300zx.co.uk club, cooking. Oh and my cars. Again.....
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  1. LOL - I made the same mistake Naz.....😉
  2. Personally, I'd prefer the higher-specced car. The 300zx is more a GT than a true sports car, so having more toys appeals to me more. As for future desirability, decent Z32s are getting more and more rare - hence good clean, fresh imports are commanding higher prices now - so any version kept in good condition will hold its value well, as a future classic.
  3. Many happy returns Graham - hope you have a great day mate!! Richard🥂
  4. Today I did nothing to my Zed, as I wanted to enjoy the sunshine.... However yesterday I gave it a well deserved wash and wax - and naturally, I took some obligatory pictures😁
  5. Happy 40th for yesterday Gary - hope you had a great day mate!!
  6. Happy St George's Day indeed.......😎
  7. Nice work there Andrew - very tidy indeed!! My headlamp washers stopped working a while ago - I have a spare motor but thus far never got around to fitting it. It's never been a problem at MOT time though, I read somewhere only cars first used after 2009 need their headlight washers functioning, if fitted. Still, now the weather has improved, I might just do it - I hate having something fitted, that does not work.....😉
  8. Many happy returns to HM Queen Elizabeth II - 95 today.
  9. A sad loss indeed - RIP Jim....
  10. Me neither - and this could be the saving grace.... I mean, let's go back to basics. You decide to take a holiday in the UK using your car - you decide to head south-west in the summer (why not). It's a 300 mile trip and you have an electric car with a range of 300 miles at best. It's hot, so you have your AC on to keep cool - you have a family, so they want to use their i-Pads etc to watch movies, thus need to charge them. You have your mobile plugged in to keep that charged, just in case. You decide you want to make the most of your vacation, rather than waste it on the journey, so you
  11. Synthetic fuels....? I was reading an article in CAR magazine yesterday about Porsche endorsing synthetic fuels. I found this on the 'web just now - it could be the solution we're looking for in a few years! Will Synthetic Fuels Save Petrol Cars? - YouTube
  12. Bad show from Japspeed Gary - but at least you found a replacement for a reasonable price. I bought a Mishimoto one a couple of years back, I can't remember the price, but it's a nice quality item. Having an auto, I had to fit a separate transmission oil cooler, but that was easy enough for my local mechanic.....!
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