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    What can I say? I was born in 1970, I became interested in cars from around 8 years old (thanks to my Uncle Bob) and I still have not grown out of the habit!! I bought my my first 300zx in 2003 and still cannot shake the addiction. I joined this club way back then as a raw newbie and now do my bit for it as club sec. There were no doubt some other important events in my life between those dates but they are but pale memories...........
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    Great Missenden; Buckinghamshire
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    My cars, walking, history, coast & countryside, fine food/wine, the 300zx.co.uk club, cooking. Oh and my cars. Again.....
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  1. I took mine out again yesterday - usual Saturday supermarket run and then the scenic route home..... ......I will post the pictures shortly....😉
  2. Happy birthday for yesterday Andrew - hope you had a great day!! Richard🥳
  3. To all our Welsh members.... Dydd Gŵyl Dewi Hapus.
  4. Just to add, I believe that the 30mm aluminium and 30mm iron calipers are interchangeable; albeit you wouldn't have different ones on either side😉 When my aluminium ones seized a few years back, the refurbished pair I bought from Bigg Redd were iron - and they fitted straight on without any modification. Same brake pads too; which are in turn shared with a Subaru Imprezza WRX of some variety, as it has the same calipers.
  5. Yup - my thoughts too. When mine (a series 1 PTU) started to go bad bad, it was a good 30-60 minutes before I could start the car again; then when it gave up completely, I had to wait hours until the engine had fully cooled down.
  6. Today, I fitted a nice new K&N cone air filter - and replaced the previously installed Hella OEM-type horns with a pair of 350z jobbies, duly purchased from Banzai Breakers. They give out a much louder "parp" which is more in-keeping with the presence of a Zed....😁
  7. Happy birthday Adam - have a great day mate!!
  8. Many happy returns Marty - have a good one mate!!
  9. Ouch - that's not going to be a cheap fix. Did you get any photos of the pot hole - and can you put a claim in to your local council for the damage?
  10. I'd be looking at this option too..... Car seats may have evolved over the years, but I still think the original Z32 seats are pretty much the most comfortable of all the cars I have had. I can drive the Zed all day and step out without pain or stiffness (ooer mrs). Can't say the same for all the new cars I've owned!
  11. It was the first decent, mild and dry day of the year - so I thought, why not take the Zed out for a spin. Did anyone else think the same.....? I covered about 50 miles across the Chilterns - so technically still local (and I did combine it with the supermarket run) - nice A-roads, a blast on the M40 and some traffic-free B-road action. I wasn't the only modern classic car owner out and about either. I saw some nice 80s and 90s machinery on my travels - so it seems a few others had the same idea! From a couple of '90s Porsche 911s, a 944, a very smart R129 Merc SL500, a Lotus Esprit and a
  12. Today, I took my Zed out for a little drive - first one since Christmas.... .....Boy, did it feel good! It was a nice mild, dry, day - no salt on the roads - it would have been rude not to😎
  13. Ian Seabrook did a more detailed article in Classic Car Weekly some years ago... I kept it and have recently framed it, and put it on my garage wall. I must take a picture or two....😉
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