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    What can I say? I was born in 1970, I became interested in cars from around 8 years old (thanks to my Uncle Bob) and I still have not grown out of the habit!! I bought my my first 300zx in 2003 and still cannot shake the addiction. I joined this club way back then as a raw newbie and now do my bit for it as club sec. There were no doubt some other important events in my life between those dates but they are but pale memories...........
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    Great Missenden; Buckinghamshire
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    My cars, walking, history, coast & countryside, fine food/wine, the 300zx.co.uk club, cooking. Oh and my cars. Again.....
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  1. You've changed your name - my bad for not noticing mate..... 😉 Interior innovations were pretty good this time - the 'wheel arrived in about two weeks. They even marked the package as a gift, so I saved on the VAT and duty! I say "this time" because a few years ago, I ordered the double DIN radio bezel, but it took so long that we mutually agreed to cancel the purchase. To be fair, they did not quibble about it, as it was down to their own supply chain. But as said, no issues this time around - I would definitely order from Interior Innovations again.
  2. Hi folks, I have fitted a new steering wheel to my Zed..... I am not a fan of aftermarket updates, but sought something a little more modern and "chunky" than the original. So sticking with the "OEM-plus" theme, I bought this from Interior Innovations in the USA. I still prefer the look of the original - especially as I had it retrimmed by Hide N Seat a few years ago - however I definitely prefer the "feel" of this new one!!
  3. Nice work sir...... AndyP used to be the club's fixer of clocks - I don't suppose you'd consider offering your services to other members, would you😉
  4. Nice one Tom, thank you.....! I shall be in touch with regards the arrangements shortly mate!!
  5. Hi and welcome to the club Ed - and good luck with your new toy!! Richard😎
  6. Thursday is fine mate..... We will have our allotted entry time sometime on Thursday, so no need to head up after your shift😎
  7. Thank you kind sir...... I think I just may be enlisting your help😉
  8. Bringing this back to the top again, as time is ticking and we need volunteers to exhibit.....!! Thank you to those who have put themselves forward thus far, it's greatly appreciated.... I will drop Ian Greenfield a line - likewise our very own Bird, as he has a nice (or indeed two nice) modified example(s). Nick and Matt, what a pity your cars are out of action; they are bloody great examples which would have done us and you proud on the stand..... Still, there's always next year! Richard😎
  9. Lovely looking Zed there Phil - thanks for sharing mate!! That would look just awesome on our club stand at the NEC - have you thought about putting it on show to the nation......? Richard😎
  10. Seconded...... Jim is the ZX-pert - and barely 100 miles west along the M4, now that his new premises is just off j18. Richard😎
  11. Happy birthday Nick - have a great day mate!! Richard😎
  12. Nice one Graham - you can't beat a set of shiny new '99-spec rears!!
  13. Hi all, This year has flown by, so before it's too late, we have to chose our exhibitors for this year's show.... Classic Motor Show | NEC Birmingham (necclassicmotorshow.com) It's a full-on event; you will have to be there on Thursday 11th November (at a specific time allocated by the NEC) to place your car on the stand - and you will not be able to drive away again until late evening on Sunday 14th November. You may, of course, drop your car off on Thursday and then return to collect it on Sunday - subject to leaving the keys with one of us who will be there for the duration. However it would be preferable if you could also stay and man the stand for the whole weekend.... It is a big commitment - but you will have the privilege of exhibiting your Zed on the world stage, in one of the very best classic car shows of the year! We are still debating on whether the club will fully fund the hotel costs this year, but for now, we need volunteers..... If you are interested in exhibiting your car, please register your interest in this thread. We need 4 to 5 cars - probably 4 for the stand, with one in reserve. Once we have enough interest, we'll put it to the vote in order to select the top 4 and reserve. Ideally, we'd like one of each style on the stand - LWB, SWB, convertible and modified.... But ultimately it's the members' choice - providing we get the volunteers! Thanks for your support, Richard
  14. Many happy returns Steve - have a great day mate!! Richard😎
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