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  1. Fingers crossed for you there Lee.....!
  2. Welcome indeed - and I did spot that when I turned my calendar over the other day.... Nice one Gaz. And what a coincidence, that your car is the star of June - and your wife is also called June😎
  3. Welcome to the club Ben - I don't remember him either.... But good luck with your new toy mate! Richard😎
  4. If you can get them repaired, then do it mate - those are very nice wheels, and a decent quality to boot.....😉
  5. Nice - and are those Funky Si's old wheels by chance.....?
  6. Cheers Adam... I have the Mongoose cat-back system. It was very popular back in the early 00s, but I don't think it's available anymore. The next best thing, besides getting one custom made, would be the Quicksilver Quicksilver Exhaust (Sports system) for 300 ZX Z32 (Twin Turbo) (1989 to 2000) | RTECSHOP.com
  7. I don't see why you can't use the straight lined pipes....!
  8. Definitely - that close encounter of the blurred kind, definitely looks like "Bridgestone!" And many high-spec JDM cars of that era would certainly have worn Bridgestones. Good find Andrew!!!
  9. And to add - the Porsche 928 ran the same sizes as UK-spec cars back in the day. So you might find Longstone Classics and the like can still source OEM-spec tyres!
  10. Well, what to you know...... 2x 225/50/16 Tyres Retro Michelin Mxx Tvr Mustang | eBay
  11. 225/50/16 tyres are not difficult to come by - it's the OEM-UK spec rears that are going that way, as not many manufacturers produce 245/45/16 tyres nowadays..... The OEM-spec tyres back in the early '90s were Michelin MXX - for UK cars at least. However tyre technology has moved on in leaps and bounds since then; so I'd recommend buying something contemporary. Even those fitted to a '99-spec are 20 year old tech these days...😉
  12. That Z-spec one does look good.....! I have the Interior Interior Innovations one - which I bought because I thought the one previously offered (I forget the brand) was pretty pants. It's a decent quality item for sure, but that new one is cheaper as well as looking good. Do let us know what you think of it😎
  13. Happy birthday Chris - have a good one mate! Richard🥳
  14. Wendover's filling station is a BP nowadays, Tony....😉 I work in Denham/Uxbridge now too - so have been using Esso; not just because there are two Esso garages next to my office, but it's generally cheaper than Shell/BP, plus Nectar switched their allegiance from BP some time ago.
  15. Anyone use the Esso app to pay for their fuel....? I have been using it for some time now - and generally it's been pretty good. Until today that is - seems they have updated the app so it's only available to i-Phone users. What a disgrace ☹️ Sure the website still says it's available for both Android and i-Phone - but when you click to download the so-called latest version, it's i-Phone only. And the old version has stopped working...... Bad show Esso - especially as we're still in Covid-conscious times. I'd much rather pay safely online from my car, than go into the kiosk. Get
  16. I really like the look and style of those Andy - great choice....!! I agree with your decision to keep the length just inside the bumper, I'm not a fan of the tailpipes protruding too far out either. That's the kind of thing I'd pick too....😁
  17. Hello John - and welcome to the club!! Richard😎
  18. LOL - I made the same mistake Naz.....😉
  19. Personally, I'd prefer the higher-specced car. The 300zx is more a GT than a true sports car, so having more toys appeals to me more. As for future desirability, decent Z32s are getting more and more rare - hence good clean, fresh imports are commanding higher prices now - so any version kept in good condition will hold its value well, as a future classic.
  20. Many happy returns Graham - hope you have a great day mate!! Richard🥂
  21. Today I did nothing to my Zed, as I wanted to enjoy the sunshine.... However yesterday I gave it a well deserved wash and wax - and naturally, I took some obligatory pictures😁
  22. Happy 40th for yesterday Gary - hope you had a great day mate!!
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