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  1. I agree mate - I've been saying just that since my 5th attempt to buy super yesterday!! By sheer luck this afternoon, I passed a little rural Texaco and they still had plenty - so happy days.... But every other garage appeared to be out of stock. The two Essos in Plymouth were out - as was the big Tesco there; and to make it worse, no-one knows when they'll be getting the next delivery. Bad show indeed :-(
  2. Cheers Craig - that is what I was thinking....! I'm in Dartmoor, so can't do much over 40 most of the time anyway. As long as I can fill with super before heading home, I guess it will be OK. I tried about 5 petrol stations yesterday - every one had run out of super - even the big Esso at Whiddon Down on the a30, at £1.55 per litre!
  3. Hi folks I have brought my Zed down to Devon and now need fuel, BUT every garage I have been to has run out if Super😢 So do I risk it with a bit of e10 regular until I can find some e5 super?
  4. PMSL - still, it's great to relive the old days sometimes.......😁
  5. Hi and welcome to the club Dusty! And good luck with your new purchase.....😎
  6. Unless your engine is tuned to within an inch of its life, stick with the OEM recommended plugs...... 6x NGK Laser Platinum SPARK PLUGS For NISSAN 300ZX 3.0 lt TWIN TURBO 90--> | eBay
  7. Excellent - that's great customer service......!
  8. I bought mine from HIDS4U, when I first got my blue zed.... That was around 2009 and they are still going strong - so I can definitely recommend their product😎
  9. Yup - dead right there, the light delivery is much like the OEM pattern; only much brighter. Plus you have a very good chance that the MOT tester will not realise your HIDs are aftermarket😉 You can always tell when some numpty has put HIDs in a traditional reflector-beam headlight. The light disbursement is all over the place, to the point it is dangerous to oncoming traffic.
  10. I concur - I have either 4500k or 5000k - they are white, not at all blue, and illuminate the unlit roads around here brilliantly!
  11. Good call Andrew - I have used the cleaner with good results. Not tried their conditioner though, please do let us know how you get on with it!
  12. This is very true - and fuelled (pardon the pun) by a shortage of new cars! My Z4 would sell today, at c£6k more than I paid for it last October. Granted, that may be partly due to the seasonal adjustment of sports/convertible car prices, but the current demand is vastly outstripping the supply. I would concur with Alex, in part, though; that the current market is artificially buoyed - and that the demand will not continue to outstrip supply. However, there remains a growing market for modern classic cars, as people (read men, having a mid-life crisis) look to re-live their youth in the cars they loved as a teenager. And these people now have the disposable income to live that dream; hence the demand. I mean look how much certain 1980s "fast Fords" are fetching.... As with the the aforementioned Skyline - just like the Supra - the prices have indeed sky-rocketed. This in turn will make potential buyers look elsewhere, for a cheaper alternative - 300zx for example - thus demand starts to push those prices up. And speaking of the Supra, as anyone seen how much some Mk3 Supras are selling for? These were £2k Ebay specials a few years ago, but even they are fetching £15k in good condition....
  13. LOL - sorry fella, sometimes the banter gets the better of us! Seriously though, there has to be a way. I mean, plenty of new performance cars get dyno'd and pretty much all modern fast cars are autos. Can it not be done with the 'box set to either "1" or "2" or with the OD switched off - to stop it changing up any further? Not that I'm an expert, it was a suggestion - maybe Jimmer can answer that.
  14. Gliptone makes great leather-care products...... Gliptone Liquid Leather Cleaner & Conditioner Kit GT11 & GT12 + Soft Brush & M/F | eBay Can't go wrong with their kit!!
  15. "sigh" Breath and repeat......😜 Your primary objective, Alex_ GT (or who ever you may be behind that keyboard), from what I see in all your posts, is to spread negativity in every which way you can. If you have anything constructive to say, both in the interest of the Z32 or, perhaps, some ideas on how we can improve the club for all our members, please do let us know. But if not - and it pains me to say this - you pays your money (or not, in your case) you takes your choice, so if you don't like it here, you know where the door is🙄
  16. Hi and welcome Phil - and that is one damn fine Zed you have....!!
  17. Happy birthday Ian - have a great day mate! Richard😎
  18. A sad loss to The Rolling Stones - and to music.... RIP Charlie😢
  19. Happy 70th sir.....!! Have a great day mate🎂
  20. Yup - Jimmer is the ZX-pert....!
  21. Welcome back Marco - you've not missed much mate.... We've just been killing time until you returned.....😁 Richard🙈
  22. ....And still the damn photos won't upload the right way up.....LOL!!!
  23. Oh, and I also added a pair of "Z" branded B-pillar screw covers!!
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