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  1. I bet the same thing too..... .....I'm always hovering over tyre fitters like a hawk where the Zed is concerned!!
  2. These cars certainly love eating through their rear tyres..... Assuming they are driven correctly, of course...😇 You can get Mintex rear pads pretty cheaply on Ebay - I bought a set of these to keep in the garage for the future New Fits Nissan 300ZX Z32 3.0 Twin Turbo Genuine Mintex Rear Brake Pads Set | eBay
  3. Sorry to hear that Simon - great looking car as well......😪
  4. Many happy returns Dave - have a great day mate! Richard😎
  5. Happy birthday for yesterday Gary - hope you had a great day mate! Richard😎
  6. ....And welcome to the club, by the way. I hope you resolve the issues mate!
  7. Agreed - and did you use OEM parts....? After-market cambelts are really a big no-no on these cars. ALWAYS use a Nissan belt - and take the utmost care in lining it up correctly. So many garages get this wrong, so it's easy for you or me to reassemble it incorrectly.... Even more so, with non-OEM belts.
  8. Awesome Lee - enjoy the new toy mate..... And so pleased it's in your hands at last😍
  9. Oh yes - even on a grainy phone-camera, it still hits the spot.... Neighbours probably think I am a bit mad, but I don't care....😆
  10. Hello and welcome to the club...!! Richard😎
  11. Excellent news on the truck being delivered Lee - and so handy that it saves you a trip......😊 ....Not so great news on another lockdown - but I reckon England will be hot on those heals very soon though......😒
  12. Great news - albeit I'm a couple of months late to congratulate you.....😉
  13. Today, I gave my Zed a good wash followed by a wipe down with Auto Finesse Glisten - and then got it back inside the garage just before the rain set in!! Hence the lack of pictures save for these two😄
  14. More sound advice - and something I have done when the car has sat unused in my garage for more than two weeks. Interesting comment from Gary too, about putting polystyrene under the wheels; I have also seen other people leaving the car on axle stands to preserve the tyres!
  15. Sound advice indeed - in fact I was discussing this very issue with Jimmer and Simon when I picked up my Zed last month...... Definitely not a good idea to let the engine idle for any length of time without driving the car😉
  16. They look good Andrew - I had a cheaper, Chinese made, inferior copy of those which didn't last too well. The terminals were steel, rather than copper, so corroded badly; thus necessitating replacement!
  17. Today, I had to take mine out to the tyre fitters.... ...Not for anything Zed-related though; I got a puncture in Julia's Rangie whilst visiting the dump this morning. Since she had to go out herself, I put the spare wheel on, loaded the flat one into my Zed and headed off. Sadly the puncture was too big, so they have ordered me a new tyre - nobody round here seems to stock Michelin Latitudes for some reason🙁 Still, I enjoyed a nice little drive in the Zed - and tomorrow I'll give it a clean, rinse the under-side and pop it back in the garage once more🙂
  18. Mine has been outside in the cold since I collected it from Jimmer's on the 21st - but only because it's (very) dirty... I put the BMW in the garage after I washed it a couple of weeks ago, so wanted it to stay clean LOL😉 I had to take the Zed out this afternoon, and it fired up right away on the button! Nice Zed you have there though. Von - and sounding good too😊
  19. Nice one Arthur - I took a couple of my Zed at the White Cliffs National Trust car park back in July.......
  20. LOL - they are indeed pathetic for a mighty 3.0 twin turbo'd muscle-car.... I think Nissan gave the 300zx the same horn as the Micra of the day.😄 To be honest, the Hella replacements are not as loud as the air-horns I previously had fitted, but they are much better quality. Plus they are small enough to hide in the tightest areas behind the splash-guard. If you want loud, try to find a pair of air-horns from a modern car that will fit, I was thinking Land Rover. Julia's Evoque has really loud ones and, as they are right behind the radiator grill (and mindful of its wading abilities),
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