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  1. Well that took long enough, the Zed scene can only be better for the closure...
  2. £6,500 with a gearbox issue !! seller is taking the pee!
  3. Cringworthy description in the ad of which some are incorrect, the seller has little idea about what he is selling: Body Coloured Bumpers All zeds had this Electric Seats Electric drivers seat Front Fog Lights WRONG Metallic Paint WRONG its pearl .Just had a cambelt service at Nissan !! Recommend having its checked as near every one I had in the workshop that had a cambelt done at a Nissan dealer the belt timing was out, even had one with a non Nissan belt fitted from a dealer...that`s so bad ! "Prices are rising and it will not be long before these are Supra twin Turbo monies" Never going to happen, different breed of car....and Supra prices are hyped to near warp velocity anyhow Given the last time this car was in an MOT bay was 5 years ago is always a worry and the seller will put a ticket on it..Mmm... No engine pics of a performance car, very suspect, images in my head of a nasty bay. could be wrong but if so why not include pics? I so want the zed community to enjoy these cars rather than fall for these dealer tricks to attempt to manipulate the market, the 300 zx was such a unique concept that it needs to be not compared to other cars of a similar age and whilst it is a crazy thing, the Fast and Furious films really made the Jap car scene what it is today, of course the zed was never included in that and does seem to of come off less worthy as a result by followers of the series of films, just enjoy your ride for what it is not what you want it to be worth.
  4. "Since you " list 🤣🤣!
  5. Topics of this nature just boil my pee ! the powers that be just will not leave the motorist alone, its not enough that they are trying to force us all to be driving highly unethical cobalt powered milk floats by 2035 but in the meantime mess with the fuel of our current petrol and diesel engines ! its all political crap anyhow just to fall in with the "green " demand in the world today, lets face emissions on modern cars both petrol and diesel are so damn good now when compared to the 70`s gas guzzlers. My question is, the 10% bio-fuel part, what exactly is it made up off and will it have clear standards to abide to? I can see trouble ahead here, the Government broadly suggesting any cars from the year 2000 are compatible, strange that, the wife`s Audi Q5 has a sticker inside the fuel flap, clearly stating to NOT use any bio fuel. I noticed the Government website that has a very basic car compatible check, has a very clear message that it is the owners responsibility to ensure their car is compatible, yeh lets see how that pans out when cars start having running problems and damaged fuel systems... there is trouble ahead for sure ! Ps Do NOT use bio fuel in your zed, it will kill it !
  6. Was shocked to hear this on the radio news yesterday, what a terrible shame, so young too. But then Cancer has no rules, it can bring tragedy at any age....😥
  7. Holy oly prices have gone up !! since I retired!! https://www.zedworld.co.uk/wizzz.html
  8. Just to clarify the standard bulb is a H3 as said above but 35 watts not 55 watts, the cabling is rather small for 55 watts, it will work but could cause problems if used for long periods.
  9. Ok the belts are ancillaries, never seen any 1996 zeds with OBD 2 port ( in the UK ) , seen many +1999 models ConZult though, kind of sure the later version for the US was not true obd 2 port protocol just a connector change only as true obd 2 is a higher layer protocol utilising canbus communication, the Obd2 term is the connector of which to which up to 5 different protocols can run on it, the zed ecu is just not that advanced, ConZult working on an adapter connector would be way more useful.
  10. The belt you mentioned changing was that ancillary or cambelt> if the later check the timing of all cams and bottom pulley. The car is not Obd 11 compliant so the fault / error checking is likely not complete and or corrupted, you need to get a ConZult or similar to get full diagnosis and then move on from there.
  11. Sorry just seen this, have sent them now. Jeff
  12. Bum not sure why the error on the pics, they do show the fixings access and tabs, if you have an e mail I can send then to you. Jeff
  13. Before looking to change the chip / eprom, a look at the mapping via ConZult would be interesting, also popping on overrun is symptamictic of other issues, air been drawn into the exhaust, or leaking injector, not seen any generic chips that would cause that as on over runn and throttle closed the injectors and fuel is switched off in line with most every modern ( ish) injection system. Check cambelt / valve timing, pulsing from valve overlap may have an impact, or even the exhaust type, as said on overrun the fuel should be switching off so check the closed throttle sensor is actually activating correctly. Generic chips are fine for stock cars with mild boost increase and will perform very well even with larger injectors and bigger turbo`s, only after this stage does specific mapping come into its own, and then its really just fractional changes, by far the biggest way to get your engine running best is to get is set up correctly, ignition timing, cambelt / timing, boost leak checks, recirc valves check for leaks, clean air filters, good afm readings, throttle balance, vacuum pipes checked for correct connections, correct spark plugs, correct oil and good loom connections. Unless your confident to check all of these and have the correct equipment then get it checked over by Jim at PowerZed you will be amazed how different the car will feel after the essential checks and adjustments are done.
  14. https://photos.google.com/photo/AF1QipPExQ-fJJm5nN5-cyrySRQUR2SvE-RhPyhNbn-U https://photos.google.com/photo/AF1QipNjfRmLqvEJ2-UdbZsq44_GISfIDNnlBCUor0CJ https://photos.google.com/photo/AF1QipOaZKHbsOpj_huzUUivA9tG3GD6fu6oE7rh23gS https://photos.google.com/photo/AF1QipMFjOuz9XVEB720Rji6scKR3acleezNU38s99h- https://photos.google.com/photo/AF1QipNUZNoth4eZKB5O8Qe2D6R8YXfevuFoSjiY-lR9
  15. Have photo`s but cannot post them, will see if I link them from an elsewhere.
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