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  1. No mate the ally rads are thicker you will need to come up with a fix
  2. According to this site https://www.garageandmot.com/wheeler-dealers-new-series-information-immediate-release/ the duo are finally getting to grips with a z32 and according to the synopsis it has a hicas issue so looks like it'll be a tt
  3. Did anyone else enjoy top gear tonight?
  4. Thanks for that Si - - - Updated - - - Thanks Ian I'll try the silicone
  5. Dam, where's that peanut oil
  6. Was thinking of replacing mine but seems the left side is now nla in the states as well ,does anyone know if the seals from a shortie will fit
  7. Mines a 94 Jap and I have the mountings but no deflectors fitted
  8. Have you tried the dash dimmer button on the other pod
  9. Thanks for the replies guys just went with parcelforce buyer was happy
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