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  1. I can't remember from memory but VPower is the highest octane rated fuel at the pump or the same as Tesco 99. It's either 100 ron or 99, can't remember. The higher the octane the more power your car will produce. This is why the myth came about Import cars are faster and have more power, well yes in japan they will do as japan fuel has a much higher octane rating than we do in the UK and ours is higher than in the US. VPower also has better additives than Tesco 99 which is the next best fuel which help to keep the engine clean. I wouldn't bother with slicks, your car might
  2. Another one just popped to mind... If you have coilovers set them to a stiffer setting your car will not bog down and much and you will get off the line quicker. You have to also to take in to consideration although the VXR8 has faster posted figures it requires a better driver to get a better time In a more powerful car, because if you have a car which when you drop the clutch and does not spin the wheels on the line it's allot easier to get your best time the car is capable of but if you have a big V8 with lots more power and torque the wheels will spin and it will take a better dr
  3. One other thing.... couple fuel stops before you run fill it with Shell Vpower to ensure you have a tank with only Vpower, when your at pod, don't have a full tank. have enough for you to run and get to a station after. You can even fill a Jerry can and leave with a friend if you need extra fuel to get to a station after you have ran.
  4. and... If pod is your first time... It may be worth both having a practice run first, but not go all out as you don't want him to see your best time. This will help you lots as your first time might be nervous with all the people watching. Then your second run, the nervs will have settled. Good luck....!!!! :D JDM for the win!
  5. Strip your interior for pod, but be careful it's not too tale end light as you might not be able to put the power down but saying that the strip is all sticky and if you do the little spin in the sticky patch that helps also. Good luck!! I have recently been in the same boat. Someone was telling me how he would beat me someone else overheard and before you know it we have to race at pod to settle it. V8 Supercharged Toyota Soarer, i think it's a TRD modified one with a few extra mods. You could shoot a shot of nos down it but expensive layout and to keep topping up. You could get a b
  6. Thanks.. I should be at Trax and Jap Show. Anyone wanting to go to Jap Show on the 18th September let me know as i think a few friends are booking a stand. Could pass on their details so you can get on the stand also.
  7. Sudesh, didn't realize you were on 300zx.co.uk. Hi....
  8. Sounds Awesome... I'm very interested in a trip to the ring, same with a few friends, Can't August but possibly September. Would be good to go with a big group, anyone interested? Perhaps invite other clubs to have bigger variety of cars.
  9. Thanks :biggrin: It's not as fast as the 300 was though. I would love to turbo it, i'll keep day dreaming haha.
  10. I do very much miss my 300. Thought i would post couple videos from the current project. Done a few mods now, got good base figures at both Pod and on the Dyno. It's a 3.0 V6 Vtec (Non Turbo) How do i embed youtube video? normal links here. Pod. Best time was 12.9 Dyno. 289bhp
  11. They were cheaper than my renewal with flux and includes 5 days track allowance :D
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