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    Short heavy and ugly, enough of my car, now about myself.... Tall dark and hansome :)
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    Being a post whore, and spending 95% of my wages on Zed, the 5% is for food and water.
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    chef in soho
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  1. Can one of the moderators please help me. I’m trying to find my old journal I created on here over 10 years ago. its got some important info on my Zed build. Infact most of the info on my build. For example which brake discs I used for my custom brake setup. I’m not sure whether I used the r32 or r33 discs. I’ve got Porsche Calipers which I had fabricated to fit. I need new discs and need the info so I know which type of disc to buy.
  2. I have a few things that I’m about to dump. Free to anyone who collects. North London palmers green engine bay painted covers the fibre glass ones you buy that go over the top of the suspension strutS either side etc rear lower suspension arms with poly bushes already installed. 3 point seat belt harnesses original back seats in that ugly cloth stuff i think that’s it??‍♂️
  3. Finally having the work done on my baby. it’s at Jimmer’s. Feeling very excited to get in her again. seals being restored and exhaust manifold leak sorted. woooo watch this space gosh it’s been a while.
  4. Hello it’s been a while. ??

  5. thanks everyone, lol havent been online for a while.
  6. All the best matey, ;) Does this mean there is an opening?
  7. zedcentre but i made the rear diffuser myself one of a kind :)
  8. yeah sev, he lives in enfield just up the road from me, stocky guy ;)
  9. I believe your talking about Meht? Yes nice guy and ive had alot of help from him also.
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