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  1. Can one of the moderators please help me. I’m trying to find my old journal I created on here over 10 years ago. its got some important info on my Zed build. Infact most of the info on my build. For example which brake discs I used for my custom brake setup. I’m not sure whether I used the r32 or r33 discs. I’ve got Porsche Calipers which I had fabricated to fit. I need new discs and need the info so I know which type of disc to buy.
  2. I have a few things that I’m about to dump. Free to anyone who collects. North London palmers green engine bay painted covers the fibre glass ones you buy that go over the top of the suspension strutS either side etc rear lower suspension arms with poly bushes already installed. 3 point seat belt harnesses original back seats in that ugly cloth stuff i think that’s it??‍♂️
  3. Finally having the work done on my baby. it’s at Jimmer’s. Feeling very excited to get in her again. seals being restored and exhaust manifold leak sorted. woooo watch this space gosh it’s been a while.
  4. Hello it’s been a while. ??

  5. I made a write up years ago on this site about fitting the DW hicas kit have a search. Mines been on numerous track days and I have et20 9.5 inch wheels front and back with 265 width front and rear.
  6. You should really have a go in the brabus it's so suprising. In and out of traffic like a don. Drive home from work today was fun. Petrol gauge didn't budge, can't wait for the remap.
  7. No you're defo not alone on that one I do get a few funny looks when I get out hah. But it's suprisingly spacious inside. My friend who is a 6foot 4 bodybuilder at 300lbs and less than 12% fits In and actually drives one him self it's hilarious hah. Kinda like that fat character in Mariokart.
  8. I know what you're thinking, it's a bloody smart car, yes it is but I've had the first model which was sh1t I admit, then I upgraded to the new 451 convertible it was great I loved it came with all the extras, so cheap to get around LONDON and parking was easy and tax per annum was £20 some are free depending on emissions. Was the perfect city nip around. I travelled from Liverpool to London with one full tank (£35) and had almost a quarter tank left Anyway id recently dropped my 300 for a respRayed but needed something to keep me entertained till its done so I thought I'd go the whole way and exchange mine for the 451 2009 brabus and boy was I impressed it's so nippy unbelievably nippy, beating everything of the lights and the handling is awesome it's so adgile and braking is superb. This thing weighs bugger all and makes everything work so well. I'm so happy with this little thing. My daily commute has become a joy and best of all I found an immaculate example the brabus xclusive edition with black 17inch wheels on the rears and 16 in front with paddle shift and only 27000miles plus all the extra brabus bits. so much grip on this thing you gotta drive one so much fun it's like the complete opposite of the 300 but gives me a different type of joy. It's like a sleeper smart. Surprising everyone at the lights. FUN. As standard they are a 999cc turbo with 94bhp (bugger all in 300 world) but when it's half a ton it really makes all the difference. I will be having a pipercross air filter element fitted to the standard box then mapped which gives me roughly 25% more power and quicker gear changes for not a lot of money at all. Sorry obviously not everyone's cuppa tea but so much fun for low cost. I've already driven back from bath to south london and I've done 2 work commutes and still have more than 3rd a tank left with a lot is spirited driving.
  9. Sorry to bring up an old thread. Are these the top suspension mount nuts? Are they definitely m10 as I'm about to buy some on eBay. Maybe anodized red.
  10. Put me down for one of two for £260 too
  11. Well I snapped two of these buggers. So need new ones, can't seem to find on eBay not sure where else to try?
  12. Too bloody late now. Need a thread doctor.
  13. Yep two bolts snapped right inside, both were 7/16 the other three were 13mm odd. now turbo has to come off. Not happy.
  14. Stephen what size are the lower downpipe bolts 11mm is too small and 12mm is too big. Are they 7/16 or 1/2??? American sizes ffs
  15. I hope so mate. I remember having to make a tool to get one of the top ones off, welded 3 old ratchets together at a certain angle lol was madness. Mine are five bolt design so hopefully should come off easy. Defo not rusted so much. I will jump for joy if it's only the downipe that's cracked. Will take it to my boys who made my exhaust they are awesome. They ally welded my water injection bungs on last week.
  16. Correct, but now that I've listened to it so much and it's gotten worse it's actually coming from nearer the back of the engine where the downpipe is. I'm betting it's my z1 downpipe that's cracked would explain it getting worse especially after I've just had the rest of the exhaust fabricated it could have added extra tension/weight and spread the crack. Problem is I can't see the crack coz it rapped in fibre glass. Fingers crossed. Will have a go at removing it myself soon. Remember it being such a pita last time I removed the drivers side DP.
  17. Yah and it's ruining the driving experience, driving me mad, embarrassing . Just trying to find someone to do the work at the mo.
  18. Yeah like anything I get involved in I get a little obsessed, but in a good way. Eating healthy and staying active etc. TT Conversion sounds good. Will open a up a whole new window for..... Problems hah and good fun too.
  19. Bloody el, hi mate. It's been a while hasn't it. How's the 300? Anyway yeah there is an exhaust leak aswell but thats a whole other problem. Im hoping it's only the downpipe which the noise does seem to be coming from, fingers crossed. Will check for more boost leaks 2mow.
  20. Oh sh1t your right, not very responsible at all. Delete delete.....I can hear the noise in this vid. It's a kinda high pitched pulse noise. Can't believe you can't hear it it's really obvious to me. Listen again. It's not a whistle or whine but like a child screaming.
  21. I have migrated to south London.... I'm sure I will be taking a trip to powerzed soon to sort this exhAust leak so we could have a little meet then if anyone else is about. How is jimmer? Busy? I wanna get booked in.
  22. Oi only takes 10seconds to reply. I did a boost leak check the other day and I had a few small ones which I've since fixed. Unless it's only leaking once at full pressure then maybe. I did tighten everything else up aswell. Can't really pressurize the system enough to leak test it. Don't wanna blow a seal.
  23. Not only is the manifold/downpipe leaking making it sound like a tractor now there's a squealing noise on full boost at 20psi but no noise at 16-17psi. Any ideas. I've added a video in second gear full throttle at 20psi. Problem after problem..... Was just thinking, could it be the exhaust leak making that noise once it at full pressure?
  24. It can still be driven. Just wanna know a price before I take it.
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