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  1. New top and bottom hoses fitted and new coolant added.
  2. Sorry to hear this Simon it looks like a very tasty Z and could be stolen for parts. Hope it turns up mate.
  3. 8,600 miles and in super condition where would you get another one.
  4. Looks great Lee. Nice to see things moving along for you mate.
  5. I see someone has made 300zx dished wheels and they are directional. A modern look on the old design and I think they look great. I would love to see them in the metal on a 300zx is it anyone here that has ordered them? So what do you guys think. https://rimscarnated.co.uk/products/rimscarnated-sr-300-wheels-nissan-300zx-concave-wheels?_pos=1&_sid=83db620e4&_ss=r
  6. Welcome to the club ih1990 we are here to help and look forward to your posts. 👍
  7. Looks fab Lee, health to enjoy mate 👍
  8. Another full lockdown for the UK. Started back to work this morning at Methodist College in Belfast and home again by 10.30 that morning for a week of working from home but it now looks longer. Covid is winning (until we get the vaccine)stay safe guys.
  9. Haven't a clue what all that means Nick but you know what your doing so good luck mate. 👍
  10. DONT start it up and let it idle it will ruin your engine just put a trickle charger on the battery and leave it but if its for more than the Winter months then take the battery out. Handbrake must be off. Dehumidifier is good and over inflate the tyres also I have seen people put foam/polystyrene under the wheels to let the tyres take their shape in the foam. A car cover to keep the dust away and I am sure other members will have more info for storage.
  11. Wow glad it was contained to the one room Chris and you are all ok.
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