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  1. Thanks for posting on the club website Ed and I told you Andrew would want your vin 🙂 Also thank you for subscribing to the club and if you pm me the details in the link below I can send you a membership pack.
  2. Looking superb in its ceramic coat Phil.👍
  3. $21,750 with five days to go. I can see it reaching 50k
  4. I sold it to a friend then it was sold on three more times with the latest owner in the south of England. I see its now sorned and last taxed Dec 2020.
  5. Gutted for you Nick but take your time and work away at it mate.
  6. One of the best visual upgrades you can make Graham especially to a black Z. Mine were first on my black Z then moves onto the red shorty.
  7. Membership packs sent to phil247 and sumshiftyguy. Let me know when you get the packs guys and thank you for supporting the club.
  8. Its going to be a beast Graham.
  9. New pack being sorted for phil247 and sumshiftyguy.
  10. Have a good one guys and wish I was there. 👍
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