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  1. Certainly prices are going up across the range of all classic cars and the z32 300zx is if anything undervalued in the UK.
  2. Thanks for the pics mate and not often we have more UK Z's than imports on show. 👍
  3. Nice mats Richard and where is all this dust coming from? I washed our cars on Saturday but it wasn't long before they were covered in dust again. After getting the new oem top and bottom radiator hoses fitted my Japspeed radiator started to leak! I have had this radiator for six years but only done under 14,000 miles so I sent Japspeed an email to see if they covered it under warranty or would they give me a discount for a new one but they never replied to me so I bought a new one on line the same size and shape as the Japspeed Radiator for a very good price. So hope this one lasts longe
  4. Do you want to some club related clothing ? Check out the link to the club shop. https://blackwatergraphics.com/collections/owners-club-300zx 3
  5. Anymore new subbed members please send me details from the link below.
  6. Update on members waiting for Membership Packs Nero-slk Mister-fcx Dipone Rich666 Adam
  7. Welcome to the club Zach and hope its a good quality maf you have bought.
  8. Welcome back Adam and good luck with your new project Z. If you pm me the details in the ling below I can send you a membership pack.
  9. Happy birthday Simon enjoy your weekend mate. 🧁
  10. Rest in peace Sir your service is done.
  11. I see an original radio and cd player not many of them left.👍
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