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  1. Welcome Sean and thank you for joining and supporting the club. I dont know that black Z but maybe other members will. Do you know what part of the country its from? Was it you who sold the yellow UK Z and will you be selling this one?
  2. Welcome back Vig 👍 Have you still the F type?
  3. Yes well done the Mclaren boys on the 1st and 2hd place win. But not pleased with Max with his crash with Lewis that could have been so much worse.
  4. And todays prices are.. https://www.pistonheads.com/classifieds?Category=used-cars&M=472&SortOptions=NewestWithImages
  5. Good to see you back Phil just dont wait another 10 years to post another update 👍
  6. Lol it feels like 20 years 😄
  7. This thread is over 20 years old Phil. !
  8. If you want a good UK 300zx you are going to pay top price now. Not many about and demand is there.
  9. Thats not good for the new owner I hope the trader gets it fixed. At least he knows where to go to for advice Jim.
  10. Welcome Dusty I'm up the road in Belfast.👍
  11. So disappointing Nick its a set back but you can sort it.
  12. Membership packs sent today for David Hasselhoff and PaulRM Thank you for supporting the club guys and let me know when you recieve your packs. Any other new subscribed members who want a membership pack please send me the details in the link below.
  13. Definitely most car prices in the second hand market has gone up along with house prices. Its a sellers market but will it last?
  14. So dealers are rethinking their prices and putting their prices up. Nice strong market for the 300zx good for owners not so good for buyers. (just saying and dont shoot me down)
  15. Gone up in price now £37,000 https://www.pistonheads.com/buy/listing/11795536
  16. To it sounds like something loose which is vibrating.
  17. Agree with that Tony its all about the money.
  18. The points was won on Saturday qualifying. Sundays race was just to put in the two laps for an official result. https://www.telegraph.co.uk/formula-1/2021/08/29/f1-belgian-grand-prix-2021-live-spa-francorchamps-race-weather/
  19. Belgian GP the shortest race in F1 history but well done George Russell of Williams Racing a great second place 👍
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