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  1. DTA are still in Holland bud, well they were a few yrs ago. They replaced my 300 engine out there. http://dta-motorsport.com
  2. Hi Bones, haven't forgot about your bung bud. I have been trying hard to work on the zed at the weekends I get home. It's running better LOL. I will send the bung back after Christmas if that's ok because I would hate to loose it in the mayhem. Thanks again!!!
  3. Would you. Thanks your a star. This is the pure reason I pay into this club for years. Someone like yourself helps like this. I will pay for the postage etc I'm at an mot at moment. I will pm you when I get back. Thanks!!
  4. Hi all, could anyone please help with my search for a suitable 80mm bung for a pressure test tool? Also where did everyone get the other parts like dial etc. Cheers. Just chasing a problem.
  5. Jimmer bud, could you PM me your contact details. I need to chat about a developing problem and also need some work done as I haven't the time LOL only home on weekends and the missus is going mad PMSL!
  6. Hi Andy, getting it from start up. Tick over is ok but as soon as i set of you feel the car pulling back. Im away still so will start investigating when home. Ive been moving a ptu to another posistion. Im wondering if thats somthing to do with it. A lot of wires!
  7. Hi all, it's been a while since i asked for help. Managed to get everything done and dusted (brakes, rad, etc) got it mot. All ok. Now out of knowwhere i have a slight hesitaion appear. Now i live away all week im struggling to progress. I was wondering if anyone had any pointers. Im going to start with the usual coilpacks resistance and go from there. One thing i did though was move the PTU from the engine bay. Wonder if thats got anything to do with things. Its been ok for months though. Cheers all Or i might just get it to Jimmer LOL
  8. Hi all, looking for insurance. Im sure there used to be a section with insurance and companies with discount. Can't seem to find them. My other question who is everyone using nowadays ? Thanks
  9. I do like that bud. Was it hard to do?
  10. Are there any differences between a Jap import and UK cat section? I know the Jap has heat sensor (not used) and AVI pipe. What about the UK? I imagine they are the same but was wondering if there is anything as ive approached a cat provider and they said there might be. Cheers
  11. Cheers Gonzo. I didn't come back onto the site like a nugget and ordered some adjustable ones from sgs. I think to much lockdown and gin lol I've said for A2 x OK to have it ?
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