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    Of all the cars I've ever owned the 300zx stands top of the list to me. Followed by the Fiat Coupe 20vt and the the S13 200sx.
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    My wife, two kids and future classic cars.
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    Hi guys I was wondering if anyone has two spare early style injectors they’re will to part with? Ive an open circuit on one and out of range for another. I anticipate they’ll all need replacing soon, I had intended to replace them now with Nismo 740cc, however i need to be a bit careful with my spending at the moment so I thought replacing with used oem would be the sensible solution right now. Cheers, Chris.


  2. Thanks Art, I’ll let you know how I get on. 👍
  3. Thanks for the idea Steven. I’ll be investing in a “95 loom with the 740cc when the time comes.
  4. Worth a try. Thanks Andrew. 👍
  5. Morning all My UK manual 300zx is currently laid up due to two failed injectors. I’m looking for a cheap solution to get the car running again with a mind to trim the plenum so that I can replace these for upgraded 740cc when money allows. I had thought to replace my duff injectors with used standard injectors but unfortunately my search hasn’t been successful. (I did manage to find someone who said they had a set of standard injector for £30 but they couldn’t find them in the end). Does anyone know if the £100 for a set of 6 eBay jobs would hold up for a year or two? Cheers, Chris
  6. Thanks mate. Thankfully I’m in a much better position that most and I’m able to make my “part time” job work harder for me to keep the wolfs away. Just need to be a little careful with cash flow until something else come along. ?
  7. Well that’s frustrating, but bloody typical. I’ve just lost my fixed term contract so have to put the brakes on this job now, well at least slow it down a bit. Im now going to have to look at replacing the harness and upgrading the injectors on another occasion. However I have thought that I can replace the faulty injectors with used OEMs and grind the plenum so that the OEM injectors can be withdrawn, without the need to remove the plenum, when funds allow for me to buy the 740cc. If anyone has a couple of OEM injectors they’re will to part with please let me know. Cheers, Chris
  8. Thanks Gaz, thankfully not my house but a job we attended on New Year’s Eve. Everyone was ok with one person and a dog rescued from the balcony. ?
  9. Just a reminder to check your filters on tumble dryers. ? And here’s a great picture showing how effective closing doors around the house, especially at night when you’re asleep, is at suppressing fire spread. Happy new year, stay safe and check you smoke alarms. ?
  10. Thanks Jimmer, that’s amazing advice and very much appreciated. ?
  11. Nice to see this post fired up again, even if only with a teaser. ?
  12. Hi guys Ive got the plenum off my car at the moment to replace the injectors, I’m going for the Nismo 740cc. Now my harness is in a really poor state and really could do with replacing. Obviously I’m going to go with the “95 harness but I don’t know if it’s a job that’s beyond me. It looks reasonable accessible now, has anyone got any experience with changing these at home. I know Jimmer can do it with the engine in but can us mortals manage it? Have we got a guide anywhere? Ive already got a late CAS unit to go in and I can buy the S2 PTU when I do pull the trigger. Is there anything else to consider? Cheers, Chris.
  13. Finally managed to get the plenum off and what a faff it was too, although I’m in now doubt taking it off will have been a piece of cake compared to putting it back on. Really pleased with myself though and can’t wait to get the whole area cleaned up and put back together.
  14. What’s your opinion of the EGR delete Andrew? Also are there any other hoses worth replacing with silicon while I’m there? I’ve seen these... https://www.z1motorsports.com/z1-products/z1-motorsports/z1-silicone-300zx-z32-idle-air-hose-set-tt-p-3091.html
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