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    A fully working zed is my dream car - got a 1989 300ZX SWB TT Manual Jap Import in Black I've had for 5 years and it still hasn't got there yet - still in progress though.
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    Car/Motorcycle Mechanics, Sound & Lighting, Computers
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  1. Have you tried messaging him via his Facebook page/messenger? I don't think he comes onto the forum much anymore anyway and I know he has had health problems again recently. I have had recent contact with him via Facebook messenger so I'm sure he'll reply to you on that.
  2. How's it going with your interior Stuart? Spoke to Si on Facebook messenger at the end of April to arrange getting my seats booked in for a retrim at which point replies were within hours. Got his details to send a deposit to his bank account to confirm the booking then heard literally nothing since then not even an acknowledgement of the deposit being received :confused1: Tried messaging on Facebook and sent a text message to his number but no reply. Thought I'd see if anyone else has been in touch with him on here before bombarding him with phone calls and messages but I just want to know what's going on.
  3. Joely P - looking at the Dinitrol kits on eBay at the moment to get my SWB zed protected. When you say an XL kit are you talking about this? *XL kit eBay Link* Surely that's way more than is needed for any zed? Not sure which kit to buy to get enough coverage but I can do without spending extra money on something I'm just going to waste. The eBay kit for a 'medium' car is less than half the price which I would've thought was enough to cover a zed? *Medium kit eBay link*
  4. Is it normal for zeds to lose track of the steering angle if the steering wheel is moved without without the ignition on? I spent some time getting the sensor and steering wheel all set correctly a few days ago only to find today that the steering angle displayed on datascan is out again. The only thing that I could think I had done was moved the car with no battery on so I set it right again. I then noticed that moving the steering wheel without the ignition on caused the angle to go out again...part of me thinks this can't be right but having had the sensor apart I can't see how it could keep track of the angle when there is no power to it as all the slots in the disc are the same size apart from the large one used as the neutral position sensor? Can anyone confirm if their car does the same?
  5. I'd be up for a set of these when they happen assuming they're as good quality as it sounds like they're going to be.
  6. This is very true. I wish I wasn't so far away from Bristol but after I finally get my car on the road if I need anything major doing it will have to go there I think. He's probably the only specialist I've never heard a bad word said about.
  7. I've just started reading the other thread by t.mogsy. - about to resubscribe so I can edit my posts and stop myself looking quite so stupid in future...perhaps I should catch up on here more often haha. Best of luck getting it resolved.
  8. Wow. I thought he was supposedly one of the last remaining zed specialists? Can anyone be trusted to do a good job anymore? I'm glad you've published this and there's not been any of the previous stuff where people won't mention names because I haven't seen any of the bad press against Lee until this to be honest. Why does everyone always try to blame things on somebody else? I notice he tried to pass the buck by asking "who mapped it". Hope you get it sorted out one way or another.
  9. Cheers for that. I'm not on Facebook but I tried to give the phone number a call yesterday and it just went straight to voicemail so I have sent a text to which I've had no reply so far. If I don't get a reply I might see if I can get one of my friends to add him on Facebook and try and get in touch that way - or if anyone still speaks to him and could draw his attention to this thread that would be great. It's just to pick his brains about my turbos which he refurbished a few years ago.
  10. Cheers Gaz. That email no longer works - I already tried that before I posted and it gets bounced back as a delivery failure. I'll give the number a try.
  11. Oh dear! That doesn't sound good for what I want to ask him about then. Cheers for the reply anyway.
  12. As above - does anyone have contact details for Mark Rawlings that used to trade as "The Zed Factory"? I've tried searching his name and "The Zed Factory" in the search box on here and even Google but to no avail. However, the last time I spoke to him was in 2012 so it may be that the posts I'm looking for are from too long ago! Thanks in advance, James
  13. Please can somebody (Jeff?) send me the full story by email or PM if necessary. My email address is vern936(at)hotmail.com. If you know the story but are reluctant to send it - my car is in Nottingham at the minute and I would rather know if I should be worried about it. Who is the mapper and who is their sidekick?
  14. From my experience of buying a zed at a young age - althought not as young as you guys - fair play to you if you end up driving it as soon as you pass your test!!! From the 7 years I've had mine, most of it all I've been able to do is look at it. I think it's rubbish that part of the experience with cars like this is just looking at them and fixing them - it's all about driving them! I bought mine when I was either 16 or 17 but defintely before I'd passed my driving test. I'd convinced myself that a zed as a first car was doable from all the insurance quote websites; thinking I'd be able to get insurance for £3k or whatever it was but in reality when I came to actually buy the policy nobody would insure me till I was 19 iirc. Then there's the problems you will inevitably have with them - for which you will either need a fair reserve of money or won't be able to do anything else with your life. I'm now 24 and I've been driving for 7 years and in that time I've probably driven the zed all of about 200 miles before the turbos gave up. I've got tools and a pretty good understanding of how to do most things on the car but with work and other commitments the turbos took me that long to change after having to take the engine out that the body had started to rot. Then I bought a house, and the car went into the garage and stayed there - forgotten about for nearly 3 years until this month when I've finally realised I haven't got the time to do anything to it myself and it's gone off to finally be repaired properly. I'm not gonna say to anyone that zed ownership at a young age is a bad idea - because when I first joined this website when I was thinking of buying mine plenty of people on here told me it was a bad idea to have a zed and that the one I was thinking of buying was an overpriced and poor example, and I didn't listen. All I can say is perhaps I should have!:whistling: Good luck to you!
  15. The name of the person Jeff recommends is Guy Eastwood. I have his number but everyone else seems reluctant to post it publicly so if you have an email address and want to post it up I can send the number to that? He's based in the midlands near Sutton Coldfield I think it is. I'll be booking mine in over the next couple of weeks and will be speaking to Bodymech in Nottingham - although he seems to have gone a bit quiet on here in the last 6 months so I'm not sure if he's still doing it!
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