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  1. just seen one in the for sale section £130 delivered but the site doesn't seem to want to let me contact the seller !
  2. i have wanted a mines ecu for a while so i might get one now any ideas on anyone who's selling one?
  3. I'll give the relays another look thankyou i've also been told elsewhere that the ecu could be nackered due to jump starting or welding in the paint shop ?
  4. it has got a turbo timer but isn't kicking in have checked its relay and all is good !
  5. :(Just had my car resprayed got it back and it wouldn't start eventually got it started. Then had a rev limit of 2500rpm changed MAF sensor car wouln't start found dead fuel pump fuse changed it and it now starts only problem is the car won't turn off ! I am very confused !
  6. Recently had major problems with Zed world :( would be interested to no of anyone elses bad experiences @ edd_stokes@hotmail.co.uk
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