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  1. Nice car seen it at James glen car sales airdrie
  2. More chance of england winning the world cup than arranging a meet
  3. Had the pleasure of meeting him in 2003 when he came up to a meet in Stirling while recuperating from his first accident.
  4. Well put it this way never ever heard of a forum pay a traders fees. Seems like the tail wagging the dog here.
  5. I think it's self interest a lot of members not wanting there group buy go tit's up which is understandable
  6. No problem got 3 full engines here you to hopefully get going again.
  7. I've got 3 tt engines all with blown cylinder heads . And one fully working n/a if They can be any use to you
  8. Not sure mileage It's free
  9. Got a n/a engine was running fine when removed but has been stored for 4 years now
  10. Just seen this the car is half a mile from me I'll pay him a visit and point him in this direction so you's can educate him lol
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