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  1. cool i might be ringing you up in a couple of months then dan
  2. anyone seen the 60k 300zx hard top / convertable on ebay and one of a kind that cost 80k to develop, woooh,
  3. this was once a strong powerfull and great nation, and i will for one be voting out to get it back. and i am also glad that this discusion has been kept sensable and not personal, great stuff, lets here more opinons.
  4. for warning is is for armed,please exscuse my spelling. I am out we are paying out to the eu 350 million pounds a week, for what. and yes that equates to just shy of 18 billion ...?for what? i think our nurses schools and other stuff could benfit from this, we carnt wipe our own bottoms without someone from the eu saying we carnt do it like that,who are they to tell us ? we live in the united kingdom not united europe, so we want our laws over here, not to be told how we control our own boaders and we carnt extradite somone whos a threat to our lives and way of life. who are they.?
  5. Im on your side baz, go for it.i quite like american muscle myself.
  6. No hideing just busy mate trying to sort my life out, at the moment i get to come on here about once twice a week unless im looking or seeling somthing ,apart from that,until about a mounth ago before my time is now used for study,id be on here lkke pos 20 to 50 times a day, ask the gurys thell tell you, anyway come play alan.sinclair.1238
  7. Ok one more then come and play, alan.sinclair.1238
  8. Sorry guys and girls but been realy busy lately,as well most of you know i got made redundant and ive nof had much time since last thusday whrn the car or my new tiy arrived,im in study at the moment,im trying to learn a new business platform ,basically an online business,as i carnt find work ,so im going to create my own business.anyways that said id love to see this thread vefore it got cleaned up ,i do like a good piss take,any hows im going to do something for all you guys on her,im going to put up one pick ,of my new toy,and if you want to see more then come see me on face book ,where i
  9. Well as alot of you know me,and ive been on here for poss ten or more years altogether id thought id show you a pic of my new toy,it comming today,or i mean i take delivery of it. just a quick story behind this purchase, as most of you know i sold my strosek wide body car to raise funds so i build my 1974 datsun 260.that now sits on my drive.my intention was to buy an create engine from the states,strip the datsun and fit a chevy 355 in it,and to be truthful,thats sort of still my plans,but whilst looking at create engines and buying books etc about the conversion,i then thought maybe i can
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