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  1. Just had an email from the organisers and the car has been accepted for display on the circuit.
  2. Welcome to the Club Ed and thank you for your support! Great to see another UK spec on the mend. Re speedo - also check the speed sensor and wiring/connector on the gearbox. You should replace the cam belt (service interval 60K or 5 years). If you PM me the VIN of the car I will add it to the UK specs database I am building. In the meantime you can look up the details here: https://gtr-registry.com/en-300zx-z32-uk-europe.php (put the VIN in the search box)
  3. Although not in your immeadiate area it would be well worth the effort to get your car to Jim at PowerZed near Bristol. https://www.facebook.com/PowerZed-331214947014135/
  4. Registered the Z to display. Assuming the application is accepted and weather OK I will be there.
  5. Currently up for auction in the US with bidding on first day at $9,990 with 7 days to run another very clean low mileage example. How high will bidding go? The last example on BAT with a similar spec and mileage went for $55K. https://bringatrailer.com/listing/1990-nissan-300zx-twin-turbo-66/
  6. For the benefit of others, what was the answer?
  7. Sorry, you asked for the starter circuit. This is the full power supply routing circuit diagram for a RHD car which includes the other circuits running off the ignition switch. Use the two together for the full picture. You OK with the wire colour coding? EL-5.pdf
  8. More pictures from the day. We had a lovely location overlooking the Brands Hatch circuit. These photos are from later in the day when there were less people around, but I thought the event was well attended by Clubs and visitors alike. Many thanks to those who made the trip to attend and in particular Aftab and Michael who came all the way from Nottinghamshire and Norfolk respectively! Our Club display of cars looked great. Michael, I'm sorry I didn't get a photo of your Silver car. The pictures are hi-res if you click on them.
  9. Welcome to the Club! Assuming it is for a RHD car (your profile is incomplete) this the starter circuit:
  10. Currently up for auction in the US with bidding now at $45,250 with 4 days to run a very clean low mileage example in EH7. How high will bidding go? https://bringatrailer.com/listing/1990-nissan-300zx-twin-turbo-65/
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