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  1. Wow! So what did you use to achieve that result?
  2. Probably one of the most documented Z32's the SCC series of articles published in the late '90s covered many aspects of tuning a road going Z32 including engine, drivetrain, suspension and brakes. The series were a blueprint on how to build a Z32 back in the day and helped the community with the development of an extensive aftermarket parts market. https://motoiq.com/1995-z32-300zxtt/ An example of the depth covered in the SCC series is in the link below. https://motoiq.com/engine-tech-building-the-nissan-vg30dett-part-1/
  3. Thank you for supporting the Club Lee and best wishes for your new business.
  4. Two further bids were made above $300,000 but I missed the end of the auction and the auctioner has withheld the final amount. It would be good to know what it was. Open to offers now, let's see what happens.
  5. Current bidding $300,000 with just over a day to go. https://stratas.auction/auction/1989-nissan-300zx-turbo-imsa-gto-29
  6. Details, details, details... new clutch, brake and accelerator pedal covers fitted.
  7. ECU fault code 13 and Aux Fan (the small electric fan in front of the radiator) running is symptomatic of faulty ECU temp sensor. You can check the EC code here: http://www.twinturbo.net/nissan/300zx/forums/technical/view/1105629/The-Ultimate-Guide-to-ECU-Diagnostics.html Your photo shows just one wire connected to the engine temp sensor, there should be two to form the circuit (see below). FSM Diagnostics for code 13 and faulty ECU temp sensor circuit here: EFEC 115.pdf
  8. You will need to undo the engine undertray and intercooler duct/undertrays fixings at the front edge were they join the bumper lower edge. The parts in the photos need to be transfered to from the '89 to the '99 spec bumper. The front support bar that hold the fog lamps are the same for both types. If you haven't removed the front bumper before, this is a quide: Front bumper bar removal.pdf For reference these are the parts diagrams for the '89 and '99 spec bumpers.
  9. Just finished the job. Brake and Clutch pads go on a lot easier if they are heated up first and go soft and malleable. Only needed to remove the two bolts and turn the pedal assembly around. The only way I got locking bush out was to cut away the outer part of the old pad moulding where it is secured (arrowed). This enabled the bush to be pushed out with the hinge bar. To relieve the tension on the spring I cable tied it as shown until the new pad was in place. Rest the pedal against the floor stop and drive the new locking bush into place with a small round bar. You can c
  10. Doing the same job Alex. Accelerator pedal has a hinge mechanism with return spring. The white bush needs to be pushed out to allow the metal bar carrying the spring to slide out and be removed. I can't see how that can be easily done and reassembled without removing the pedal assembly (just two bolts and the cable end fitting though). The foot rest is part# 67848-40P00 and super expensive new!
  11. Auction underway, current bid (one so far) $100,000 with 12 days to go. https://stratas.auction/auction/1989-nissan-300zx-turbo-imsa-gto-29
  12. Is the N/S wheel doing the same?
  13. That was fun! Great to see the whole episode devoted to a Z32. There was more than one way to skin this cat and at the end of the day it's infotainment. The presenters gave a good account of the Z32 and it was lovely to see Steve Millen in the show.
  14. What width and offset are those rims?
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