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  1. Cheers guys, couple of good locations to have a look at that i'd not even thought of! Looking like it's going to be the Clifford as doesn't seem like anyone has the Toad left unfortunately, but the Clifford has good reviews.
  2. I am looking to have the immobiliser replaced on my zed with a full alarm over the next few weeks but wondering if anyone has any recommendations? I've always liked the Toad Ai606 and had that in a couple of cars in the past, but it seems to be discontinued. A local fitter advises they can fit a Clifford 650, are they any good? I've had a Clifford in one other car in the past and again never had any issues. One last thing.... where the hell do you fit the siren in the engine bay!?!
  3. The previous owner did a decent job fitting them but like you say the can hide rust. The plan has always been to remove them for the full respray as want it standard 89 JDM spec body and glass. They look ok-ish but do match a 99 spec front bumper better with the front corner profile, they are the Car Mad ones that were about a while back
  4. Cheers Andrew that would be great! Hoping to fit that and get body shop to spray it and sort the rust on the arch soonish. Might turn into a big job though as depends how far rust has gone and sideskirts are also bonded on, but may lose those and go back to OEM. Was looking into a full respray with colour change but think of just getting those bits sorted for now before they become any worse, as planning for a respray is going to take a while getting stuff such as seals together. Plus I want to try and source a JDM 89 front bumper as mine is a UKDM one with the washer jets smoothed but n
  5. Zed passed MOT! Hopefully get to enjoy the sun this weekend with the t-tops off ☀️
  6. Thanks all, will cable tie it as planning to swap for an alu radiator at some point
  7. Should have checked the parts site first, so its the bits I've circled on this pic which then mount to the radiator? : Do these brackets fit the aluminium rads like Koyo etc?
  8. Hi all, could anyone please advise how the lower coolant hose is normally secured on the twin turbo models? If there should be a bracket mine must have got mislaid during the bumper/engine swap years back Cheers, Adam
  9. Yes they are, looking to possibly change them as have always had an annoying slow leak from the valves. They have been refurbished at some point so guessing the valves were never refitted correctly. Had them looked at a few times by local places but going to see if a wheel refurbisher can sort the issue, however difficult to find anyone people that will touch split rims nowadays. I spoke to Lepsons a while back who said they still do them. Hope they can be repaired as I really like the wheels but there are some similar options I've seen if not.
  10. Finally got round to starting to get the zed back on the road! Discs and pads all swapped, front took a while as a lot of dust build up behind the pad anti rattle plates/guides so had to give the calipers a full clean. Also the Mtec replacement discs for K-Sports don't have the small raised lips where the bell mounts to the disc, so had to fit washers to the caliper brackets to push the caliper out by 1mm and centre the disc. The K-Sports were on the car when I got it so didn't come with the bag of shims you normally get with them, but luckily Toolstation came to the rescue! Oil and
  11. Cool will go for that one cheers naz
  12. Has anyone any experience of the two RHD Double DIN bezels on CZP? : https://conceptzperformance.com/zspec-design-double-din-radio-bezel-w-brackets-rhd-nissan-300zx-z32-z32ddinrhd_p_65155.php https://conceptzperformance.com/interior-innovations-double-din-radio-bezel-finisher-right-hand-drive-rhd-nissan-300zx-90-96-z32-ii-68260-rhd_p_18267.php Going to put an order into CZP over the next few weeks for some suspension bits, so wanted to add one of these ready for a future stereo upgrade
  13. I'm also still interested in one but not sure how good they are. My old BMW had OEM ones and it did add a nice bit of bass. The 3 I looked at were: Pioneer TS-WX130DA Pioneer TS-WX130EA Kenwood KSC-SW11 The Pioneer ones seem the same apart from the DA one comes with a remote, the Kenwood one also had a remote. All 3 have similar specs from what I can tell, not seen any in person so not sure how they perform
  14. Gio fitted some underseat subs in his build last year
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