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  1. Andrew you are a star!!! thank you ? so it can be done without screen removal... that's a relief..
  2. hey all, i looking for some advice and possible more pictures of the top trim that runs across the top of the windscreen. can it be replaced with the screen in situ? has anybody got better pictures of both parts .. the best one i have found are on the z centre's website ..(https://www.zcentre.co.uk/index.php/click-here-for-parts/body-exterior-trim/300zx-nissan-windscreen-top-trim) but i cant see the trim piece very well (the bit closest to the glass..
  3. Doubt mine is up to scratch with the oem+ marketing stuff but hey In for a penny......
  4. I opened another thread for a couple of pictures you requested. ..
  5. Thank you. There is not much more to see being a swb.. I am currently waiting to see if Mondo can match the leather as I need some bits making... I cannot take credit for the interior leather as it was like it when I bought it.. it just wasn't completed so I now have the task of finishing the job
  6. PASSED MOT WOOHOO I'm sooo happy it's been so long.
  7. Thank you very much :) I hope it goes well. 2 years of scrimping cash together to get it finished. Can wait..It was nice to finally give it a wash. : :D
  8. Cleaned ready for mot tomorrow. First one in two years... wish me luck
  9. Interior is back in too. Tidied up wiring and started to fit the wings properly.... then I need to start it GULP!
  10. Nearly finished.. only put wings and bumper on loosely so excuse panel gaps lol
  11. Testing and adjusting rear cover be for painting... fitted exhaust but not happy with it... polished some heat shielding and waiting for some parts to turn up..
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