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  1. Thank you. its a very handy resource for trouble shooting . Thank you for looking into it
  2. trying to search help and advice section for common problems like "maf" or "afm as they are always abbreviated too, this produces no results? anyway of fixing this? there used to be loads of topics on this.
  3. Andrew you are a star!!! thank you ? so it can be done without screen removal... that's a relief..
  4. hey all, i looking for some advice and possible more pictures of the top trim that runs across the top of the windscreen. can it be replaced with the screen in situ? has anybody got better pictures of both parts .. the best one i have found are on the z centre's website ..(https://www.zcentre.co.uk/index.php/click-here-for-parts/body-exterior-trim/300zx-nissan-windscreen-top-trim) but i cant see the trim piece very well (the bit closest to the glass..
  5. cool mine is a august 1989 car. a very early production model.
  6. That's weird . The poll wasn't there before and said I wasn't eligible to vote on the poll. Then after my comment it came up.... - - - Updated - - - As above - - - Updated - - - Anyway. . Massive congratulations to nick :clap:
  7. The poll has come up now jaikai thanks if you have tweeted something :punk:
  8. I have only just noticed as it's the first poll.I have wanted to vote on since being downgraded to poverty spec member
  9. Perhaps they don't want riff raff like me voting. .. :whistling:
  10. Nick you get my vote..but I'm not allowed to vote as I'm only a registered user!!!! Seriously :blink:
  11. Doubt mine is up to scratch with the oem+ marketing stuff but hey In for a penny......
  12. I'm sure I saw you Richard in a clear rain mac? I wasn't sure so didn't want to wander up to somebody if I wasn't 100% sure
  13. Wow that's when I could be arsed to go to a meet.! Great pics :D
  14. I certainly remember the airfield on the breakfast meet and the military place in Winchester. I have pics somewhere of the military place.
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