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    Like not love the Z, spending time and many amounts of money on it.
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    Norwich /Diss
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    Motorsports, Drifting is my hobbie. have the 300zx as a daily driver, an E36 m3 skid car.
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    I.T guru at American Air Base
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    East Anglia

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  1. i did say this on the bash post, but most laughed it off.. its stupid not having them how else will we know who a complete stranger is :pinch: next time lets just wear them for god sake.
  2. make me a reasonable offer, they were 650 from new. i still have the paperwork.. http://www.bc-racing.co.uk/c-bcd20/nissan-300zx-z32-90-96/ got mine from the above.
  3. ive got some 6 month old BC racing coilovers for sale .....
  4. ill trade my Z for an E46 M3 or an evo 5/6 + cash your way if anyone is interested....
  5. 300zx are so shit arnet they not only do they break down all the time, they ent that fast and we all want different cars LOL
  6. evo all the way. lovely cars. and great to drive .
  7. lightweight flywheel perhaps??? that would explain it.
  8. well from 0-60 yours is faster so that means for all of 5 seconds..... but mikey passed you effortlessly, means his is clearly the fastest, but his starts are poo. so its like this. MIKEYS FASTEST (MOST MODS) GREY Z SECOND ( funnily enough more modded than roses) DEAD WASP last ( least mods) pretty clean and cut to me....
  9. was that you..:tt2: i was gonna race until i saw M3 on the back, then i knew i was in trouble.:hang:
  10. was that the m3 that hollowpoint beat in his 300zx in reverse. lol oh and that veyron dont mean bugger all, its high hp but the torque is nothing compared to the titanic, now that thing was insanely fast not due to its hp but its immense torque. LMAO just kidding Alex.
  11. now that is funny. a 300zx that isnt even running a bar of boost on standard turbos and 370cc injectors is FAST LMAO i like you mate, but that is puree jokes. god knows what your gonna think once you put the boost up to a bar.
  12. theyre wayyyyyyyyy different mate, the Z interior is lovely wraps around the driver and passenger soooo nice. the skyline, yuck!
  13. but quick responding V8 and 350kg weight advantage...... no way would your Z32 have a chance.
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