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  1. Just renewed for the first time in years. I've been a little busy setting up my own tool repair business. Please feel free to take a look. https://mooretoolrepairs.co.uk/index.html also on Facebook Moore Tool Repairs. Please take a second to have a look. Thanks
  2. Thanks for the replies. I have fixed it. I cut the plug off. Gone back to the red terminals for the moment.
  3. Excellent I will call Luke tomorrow Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  4. Okay thanks. Would either of these cause the problems I seem to be having? It’s just strange how it all started after i knocked the yellow wire out of position Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  5. I was going to change my thermostat the other day but I ended up knocking the yellow wire out of the terminal it was in. I noticed the cooling fan was now running fast. I pushed the yellow wire back in and restarted and the fan was running normal again. I found this vw plug so I soldered the wire together and plugged it on. The fan started running fast again. Drove it for about 10 minutes and it all sorted its self out. Today went out in it revs are at 1500 and won’t settle down. Tap the accelerator the res drop feels like it wants to cut out. I noticed when I got to where I was going I
  6. Let's see how fast this year goes
  7. I want to renew my membership. Do I have to pay £20 or £10? I have not renewed for a few years am I classed as a new member or just renewing my membership?
  8. Have just renewed my subscription via Paypal cheers any 300zx goodies welcome :tongue:
  9. thank you for your help andy :bow:
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