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  1. Almost finished the rear sub frame still needs adjusting and some other small bits . Subframe sand blasted and resprayed with primer and black paint finished with Teroson undercoating. Voodoo 13 Adjustable Rear Traction Arms and Rear Camber Upper Control Arms. Whiteline bushing. Akabono 370z brake set (CZP). Diff new seals, bearings and cleaned, filled with Redline 75W90. New dust boots on the axles with new grease. New Rear Wheel Hub with new Wheel Bearings. Nismo Rear Lower Control Arms. CZP Hicas Rear Outer Tie Rod Ball Joint Conversion Kit SPL FKS Rear Knuckle Monoball Bushing Set
  2. received the Membership Pack thanks Peter
  3. Thought I’ll become a member as well, the Dutch ZX club stopped a few years ago so all info comes from this forum, there is a lot of knowledge and some good wright ups and as PowerZ is going to do my engine build I’ll also support the 300zx club UK, Brexit or not. Payment has been made for 2 years. Cheers Peter :thumbup1:
  4. Thanks Andrew so it is an extra oil cooling have to think about replacing it or making it redundant now. Thanks for the reply
  5. I’ve been thinking about it after reading an earlier post just wondering what this oil line is for. Thanks for the reply
  6. Can anyone tell me what the differential oil line running from the oil pump to the rear bumper and back to the cooler is actually for, is it for extra cooling or is it a buffer for extra oil, I mean the diff holds most of the oil and the cooler should be sufficient to cool the oil, I’ve tested the pump and it pumps like crazy so there should be enough flow. Reason I’m asking most of the lines are rusted and I thought maybe it would be possible to use a small catch can/overflow can instead of this oil line. Thanks Peter
  7. Don’t know what happened to the pictures computers and my don’t get along. [/img]
  8. Finished the fueltank this weekend, Stripped the old coating with an air grinder, put a layer of primer and paint on the bottom side and a new coating on top. Snadblasted the filler pipe and resprayed it. Took the diff pomp and cooler of this weekend and some exhaust brackets. [/img][/img]
  9. I’ve used the search function to see if there is already a thread but couldn’t find one. I’ve dropped the subframe of the 1991 TT and are currently replacing most of the stock items with upgraded parts, I would however like to renew the cv shafts as well so everything is new (the diff is also being remanufactured). New oem shafts are almost not available anymore but carid are selling Sur track cv shafts which are pretty cheap does anyone know what the quality is in fitment and strength. Thanks Peter
  10. [/img][/img][/img] sorry used the HTML instead of URL
  11. J***s I wish my Zed was that far, your engine bay looks immaculate Joel I hoop my engine will look just as spotless as yours when I’m done. I’m still struggling with the rear, Subframe has had its layer of primer, Black paint and Teroson under body coat. Took the fuel tank out Saturday and the filler pipe so I can sandblast and spraypaint it, some of the smaller brackets for exhaust etc. are really rusty Sunday I painted the inner archers with the body coat. all OEM bushing have been replaced by Whiteline bushing obviously done over several weekends. The knuckles are blasted on low pressure with plastic to clean them SPL pro bushing and ConceptZ tie rod conversion kit is installed it is still in primer so it needs to be sprayed. Sorry for all the pictures Thought I’d share some of the work that is done. Here are some pictures of the subframe
  12. I’ve seen in threads that a lot of you U.k guy’s run with higher Bhp engines. I’m curious whether you have changed your brake system and fitted big brake kits. James will rebuild my engine to approx. 475 Bhp and ConceptZ is selling a complete Akabono kit from a 370z witch is on sale. I’ve heard that the front Brembo’s of a 350z will also be a great upgrade. What are your suggestions if you look at the Bhp. Thanks Peter
  13. As I have dropped the rear sub frame I would like to renew as much as possible. One of the things are the 2 CV half shafts (drive shafts). In the us there is a company who remanufacture them unfortunately they stopped doing so for the 300zx. Do any of you know if there is a company in the UK who has new or remanufactured ones? Thanks Peter
  14. Took the sub frame of the zx today great way to spend a Saturday
  15. Hello every one My name is Peter and have been a member of the zx club uk for some years. I’m also from across the channel (Holland) from a small town called Monnickendam about 7 miles south of Amsterdam where I was born. I’m the owner of a black 1992 TT 2+2. The car belonged to my older brother who drove it for some years but as many cars it started to rust and fall apart. So the decision was made to do a small restauration. During the disassembly my brother unfortunately got sick and after a short sick bed he passed away. The ZX or wat was left of it was put in a storage for a few years. As the car had no value in the state that it was my family asked me if I was interested in it. My brother and me worked a lot of weekends together on the ZX so I thought I would try to fix it up but as you all know it is not an easy car. I was already looking for information on the 300zx UK club site and I’ll be visiting Powerzed in September I thought I’d introduce myself and show you the progress so far. And who knows meet some of you guys in September. [/img] [/img]
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