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    Professional Newbie, Bought my first zed in nov '09, wrote it off in Jan'10 Bought another one intending to do a Wheeler Dealer job on it, quickly turned into a Zed is born. My intention is to have a zed that is in top condition.
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  1. The Car Of The Month competition is open for voting in the Club Competitions forum. This is the last comp this year. Next month is the big one, where you will vote on your choice for Car Of the Year. The winner will receive £100 worth of vouchers. The voting will stay open until the 5th of December, the COTY poll will open shortly afterwards. Good luck to our entrants. http://www.300zx.co.uk/forums/showthread.php?183259-COTM-November-2015-Poll
  2. Was shocked and saddened to see this this morning. RIP Legend..
  3. Thread cleaned as it had gone way off topic. This thread was started to allow people to express their feelings after this awful attack. It is not to be used as a sounding board for rants. This is a car forum not a political soapbox. If you want to have a rant like that, I suggest you log out and go down the pub with some mates and do it there. Anymore posts like the ones I have deleted will be removed without warning and further action may be taken on the poster. Steams (Head Moderator)
  4. Words fail me mate. I know how gutting it is to loose a zed. But to have that happen...:no:
  5. Wouldn't pay that for a car seat even if Scarlet Johansen had been sitting on it with no knickers on!
  6. I had mean't to actually mention that in my post but forgot :oops:, Thanks for bringing it up bud..lol
  7. This months COTM is now open for voting in the Competitions sub forum. As I extended the entry period by 5 days I've also extended the voting by 5 days. So the poll won't close until the 5th of November. Next months COTM will still open on the 1st of the month as usual.
  8. It was probably imported in 1998, looks like a fairly tidy '89 jap spec to me. Agree with you though Gaz, interior is terrible. I'd hand it over to Mondo and say 'fix please" lol.
  9. Poll is now open for this months competition; http://www.300zx.co.uk/forums/showthread.php?182676-COTM-September-2015-Poll
  10. Looking good there mate :cool: ...The zed that is, not you! :whistling:
  11. No worries mate. I had a crack at them today and failed...lol I sheared two 6" extension bars trying to get a bolt out of the caliper carriers :oops: Then I noticed that my torque wrench only went up to 210NM and the bolt needed 230. So I wouldn't be able to torque the bolt back in if I'd got it out anyway... At this point I though sod it, I'll get a garage to do them...lol It did get me back into the joys of the spannerin' though. So not all bad :)
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