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  1. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p8NQUbLQGio Alan....
  2. Evening !!https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9XaS93WMRQQ Alan........
  3. I believe Neil Peart had a lot to do with the lyrics on this ? One of my favourites !! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SEuOoMprDqg Alan...………...
  4. Off to see this Lady in February, cant wait.... Alan...…...
  5. Cheers Troops. Just in after some overtime. Maybe even have a wee Rum !! Alan.........
  6. Cheers guys. Another day at work as usual !! Alan...............
  7. That's why I love this forum ! There is all walks of life. Some fortunate, some not so fortunate. Sorry to hear you gotta sell, been there. Don't be a stranger. Alan......
  8. Cheers troops ! Had a cracking day, thanks. Alan......
  9. Welcome folks. Zedless at the moment, just getting by with my Ram 1500 Hemi. Airdrie, so not a million miles away. Alan..........
  10. Cheers Troops ! Might just open up the seal on my bottle of Kraken ! Rum is the way forward ! Alan.............
  11. Many Happy Returns matey ! Hope you got spoiled ! :cool3: Alan.......
  12. No worries mate. I think he was racing a Skyline one evening just after i sold it too him and bottomed it out over a hump in the road, did all sorts of damage. He was also quite partial to cold starts and redlineing straight away !! He killed the engine rather soon after he bought it from me, Think it was his girlfriends dad that fitted the kit, and he was a joiner ! I kid you not ! The Garage in Motherwell did the engine work. Same block I think, but new internals. He overheat it first time out ! http://the-garage.co.uk/ As for the wiring ? Cant be off any help there mate, so
  13. Apoligies for the ressurection of an old thread, but here is this Zed when I had her, back in 2008 ? (ish) I sold her to a young lad in my work to finance a Camaro. Think his username was badmonkey or some thing along those lines? He threw a lot of cash into her, GT hinges were over 1k alone. Wheels and tyres were nearly 2.5k. I can hold my hand up here and honestly say that when I sold it to him, she was in good condition. He really went to town with the body conversion ! He wasnt a mechanic, or involved in the motor trade. Well, he applied decals ?
  14. Apoligies ! :blushing: My PC skills are much less than my patrioism. Alan.
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