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  1. Could be a number of things. first I would check your throttle position sensor is set around 0.40-0.45v when closed. It’s easy to knock them when servicing an engine and out them out of adjustment. if it’s worse under load, it’s likely to be air or fuel related.... I’d then suspect either the Fuel Pump Control Unit or the MAF. FPCU is easy to bypass and is a common failure point.... MAF is a bit trickier to diagnose as they can play up without being “fully” dead... there’s plenty of articles on the forum on adjusting/testing TPS on the forum aswell as how to bypas
  2. Having scanned back through a fair few pages, it appears that I haven’t written an up to date spec of the car for some time.... so here goes... Engine spec 88mm CP forged Pistons, Diamondyze anodized black Saenz Forged Con Rods King XP main and big end bearings EP Racing Thermal Barrier Piston Coating EP Racing High Performance Bearing Coating EP Racing Billet Crankshaft Cap kit EP Racing High Capacity baffled Sump v2 ARP main crank and head studs EP Racing modified crank EP Racing modified oil pump BDE oil tree Imp
  3. The full engine spec is listed, probably a couple of pages or so back. I don’t know if you have, but it’s worth going through the whole thread, I detail all the finer details of the build, the hows and why’s throughout. The limiting factor in terms of peak power is the turbos, which I’m fine with because they will give super quick spool and a really wide power band..... it’s still going to be primarily a road car, so peaky top end power is of no real use to me. There’s a long standing belief in the engine building world that if you build an engine as you would a high perform
  4. For those of you interested, here is a good video about the Superflow SF902 engine dyno
  5. It just continues my ethos of having the best quality work and the best quality map on my engine.... however the proof will be in the pudding. there may be an opportunity for some interesting testing on the engine aswell, will just have to see if things pan out
  6. It’s just a fast road build, however I wanted an understressed engine. The engine is built for 1000hp and 8500rpm, but I’ll only be running at 60-70%ish of that power and a lower rpm, so should enable many miles of thrashing without any worries about the components being close to their operational limits
  7. So, I can finally show you what’s been going on with my engine! In order to finally rid my set up of its gremlins, and in order to get the BEST possible tune, my engine has gone back to the states where, as a first for a VG engine in the USA, it has been mounted to a Superflow SF902 engine dyno. EPR have undertaken all the work to make the required adapters, mounts etc etc to ensure a perfect fitment to an a fine dyno that is primarily used for small block V8’s and alike. ALOT of work has gone into making this a possibility, and I’m chuffed that my engine was the first! As you may ha
  8. I’m not sure the ‘95’s had it. I’ve seen a fair few late models now that don’t have it. I think they got rid of it when they got rid of the grey moustache on the front bumper
  9. I’ll see how they last, I was pretty liberal with the clear... but worst case I’ll do the same and have them powder coated or cerakoted
  10. So I attacked them with a stiff wire wheel, a couple of coats of etching primer and Ford Stratos silver (closest match I could get to the whiteline silver). They were finished with some new decals and 2k laquer... let’s hope they last!
  11. One little update I can give! I bought a set of Whiteline anti roll bars from Banzai Breakers a fair while back, and they’ve been sat on the shelf gathering dust for a while, so month or so ago I decided to give them a clean up. As you can see, they were a little on the grotty side!
  12. This advert is COMPLETED!

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    Only Gauging interest at this time; I may be looking to sell my Haltech Platinum Pro Plug In stand-alone ecu. Will come with fully functioning ecu, run in my Z for last 5 years with no problems, communication cable, install instructions and potentially it’s original box and packaging (i know I have it, just need to find it). Truely a plug and play, no splicing required, stand-alone ecu with probably the easiest software interface to use. I’m potentially upgrading to an Elite series to further future proof my Z They’re currently £1279 new in the U.K. or $1499 in the states (obviously plus shipping and import fees) I’d be looking for a firm £950 posted.... SERIOUS ENQUIRIES ONLY! I’m not physically in possession of it at the moment as it is with my engine being tuned outside of the country. I will know by the end of the week if I’m going to upgrade to the Elite series.


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