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  1. Another little job done. I made up a mounting plate for both the oil cooler and the Improved Racing remote filter mount. This is the “final draft” made with some Ali checker plate, which to be honest, is a bit flimsy (but free). I managed to get hold of a bit of aerospace grade 1.5mm ali sheet that I’ll make the finalised version from.
  2. Potentially up for this... won’t commit before my car is actually running
  3. First stage of the exhaust modification/custom build sorted. converted my expansion down pipes to V band (rest of the system will also be v band) shall be ordering the rest of the pipework needed for my exhaust in the coming weeks
  4. A few more little jobs ticked off today. First up was the steering rack bushes. At a glance they looked ok, but on removal, they were clearly a little worse for wear. Easy job while the engine was out, so replaced with Energy Suspension bushings from Luke Then I should have cracked on with the sound deadening but just wasn’t feeling it, so ended up giving the viscous fan a good clean and removed the melted on black plastic from where the shroud had previously shifted and rubbed against it. Pleased to find no cracks in it and I think it looks virtually new after
  5. Making a bit more progress with the sound deadening.... turns out my Mrs is much better at it than me!
  6. Yes, 2 pack. Cellulose hasn’t been used since the late 70’s/early 80’s
  7. 2mm 40 pack. I’ve used 22 sheets so far, so should comfortably have enough to do the drivers side floor under the seat and around the rear wheel wells with what I have left
  8. Road noise is annoying.... exhaust noise is awesome 😂
  9. Little bit of progress yesterday reassembling the engine. Waiting on a few parts to turn up that were missing before I can put the engine back in the car. I also pushed on with sound deadening the interior of the car. I took JoelyP’s recommendation and went for Silent Coat sound deadening. Hopefully it’ll do a nice job of cutting out some of the road noise for the 295 section rear tyres!
  10. Then I got home and found more goodies had turned up. My back boxes turned up, Vibrant Street Power silencers (3” inlet 2x2.5” outlet). they’re REALLY nicely made and look awesome with the APR tips.... can’t wait to hear what they sound like
  11. More goodies today! First up, I bought and fitted these Forge Motorsport’s turbo blankets. These tied with the ceramic coated hotside (manifolds, turbine housing/downpipes) should do a nice job of keeping engine bay temps down... whether there’s a performance benefit, who knows.... there has been a few papers published to suggest that there is, but I’m more interested in increasing the longevity of the hoses and loom around the hottest parts of the engine
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