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  1. I’d love to as I’m picking up my Z from mapping on the 28th, but I’m duty weekend at work so can’t get the day off
  2. Well it’s been just over a week since she’s been MOT’d and all is going well so far. ive had a couple of small niggles to sort out with the Haltech. The long and short of it is that the Long Term Fuel Trim feature on the haltech wasn’t working. This feature basically looks at your target AFR number for each cell of the map, then looks at the AFR number the map is actually generating in that cell and auto adjusts that cell in the map to make the actual AFR fall in line with the target AFR…. It’s basically an auto tune feature. So after Haltech USA remote connecting to my ecu and having a look at what was going on, we could see that all the preconditions for LTFT were being met, yet LTFT wasn’t activating. We eventually figured out that my base map was corrupt. Haltech suspect that it’s either due to a cross compatibility issue with the basemap (that was written on an old version of the firmware, while my ecu is on the latest version) or at some point in the transfer from laptop to ecu it’s corrupted. Rick @ Haltech USA took my map and copied all my sensor calibrations, setting, inputs etc and wrote a new map from scratch for me, which did the trick and LTFT’s are now working properly. The advantage of LTFT is that road conditions and traffic load load the engine in such an infinite number of ways, it means that as a whole I should have a more complete map as well as leaving my tuner more time to focus on WOT tuning. She’s now idling as she should However, she’s just too loud for my tastes now. So I’ll be revisiting the exhaust setup in the near future to add another couple of silencers and a resonator to kill off some of the drone, for a more civilised exhaust volume
  3. Be a shame if there’s no stand this year after the run of excellent stands we’ve previously had at the show
  4. Thanks mate! There are still a few niggles to sort through, but nothing that’ll stop me taking the tops off and enjoying it. Unfortunately I’ve got commitments this weekend so I cant make Simply Japanese, but i should be able to make any future meet and greets
  5. Another job off the list was giving the coolant overflow a bit of a refresh as it was looking a little scabby. I used Bilt Hamber autofoam on the inside and Surfex HD degreaser on the outside with a green scotch pad…. Not quite “new” but not far off!
  6. Been a busy week or so working on the Z. Unfortunately she developed a fairly significant oil leak last week that took an age to track down. After lots of time trying to trace it, I found it in the most unlikely of places. On the heads, these oilways are normally blocked up like the sludge traps on the crank. During the rebuild these were drilled out, tapped and sealed with a grub screw and sealant. Unfortunately, the sealant did not go off and set and the high oil pressure has basically pushed past it. One of those things that couldn’t have been expected. so I removed, cleaned and resealed with Ering Driko Grey high temp RTV, left it overnight to make sure it set and reassembled…. Have to admit, was nice to have a good look at my BDE pulleys again
  7. New flywheel turned up today, which I promptly fitted. The positives, the car is now mobile again and the clutch is back to feeling how it should! the negative is that I’ve rediscovered a fault that I had forgotten about.... my power steering is notchy as hell! I suspected originally it was an air lock in the system, but now I’m not so sure.... looks like some more fault finding in the immediate future
  8. Yup, can’t find them anywhere, which is why I ended up buying a new flywheel.... a touch annoying given the biggest advantage of the SZ flywheel was its serviceability
  9. I can’t remember who told me this, but SZ basically said since Covid, the cost of raw materials has rocketed to the point it’s not longer profitable to make the flywheels..... why they’re not continuing to make the replacement segments, I can’t answer and am incredibly frustrated by!
  10. Well this is a little annoying! so I bought this SZ flywheel a little while back to replace my Z1 lightweight flywheel (that my old starter munched the ring gear on). foolishly I just decided to send it and fitted it to the car without properly checking it.... silly boy. I went to take the car for a shakedown drive, only to find the clutch was slipping horrendously at idle manoeuvring speeds... off came the gearbox for an inspection as to what the chuff was going on as you can see, the outer and inner circumference of the segments is a lighter colour.... that’s because they’re unworn high spots which my clutch decided to smoke itself upon.... doh! Second doh! moment is realising the segments for the SZ flywheel are no longer available.... balls so I’ve had to buy a new flywheel, which I’ve gone for the new version of Z1’s light weight one piece flywheel, which should be here on Monday
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