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  1. Not been on here for ages! Just bought a nice NA slicktop to transplant my V8 stuff into. Had a small oil fire in the V8 about 18 months ago and not had a chance to repair it so thought I’d re-shell it as it had always been the plan. Probably run the NA as it is for the summer then transplant over the winter once I rebuild my garage. Anyway, guess there are still a few old faces on here!
  2. Hi mate, can't remember if your VH45 is an S1 or S2 but I have some spare S1 ignition parts if you want them after changing to VW coilpacks. 4x coils, 3x PTU and 2 sub harnesses.
  3. As above, got a spare tt subframe if anyone wants it to recondition. Collection from dy13
  4. It was always the same engine, just had a lot of issues from the first builder :( Its 12:1 static CR, have pulled the rev limit back to 8.5k for now as the valve gear was bouncing a bit at 9k
  5. Well it looks like the new tanks have sorted out the scavenge return issue so I now have oil pressure all the way up to the limiter :) Next thing to sort is the brakes as the pedal has gone a bit soft then new boots and new air scoop of some sort.
  6. Yeah, air filter setup is crap, its only temporary. I have tried ducting but only had that convoluted stuff handy and that lost 100bhp! Its not as bad as you might think, there's so much air flow around and the manifolds ate lagged. On an average day intake temp is about 35c. Most likely ill put the panel filters back on top of the air box and put a scoop through the bonnet.
  7. https://vmsxzw-dm2306.files.1drv.com/y3msm3cnFM9KX6OY84yxJJ8jSJMSrQ9yaIrGNFhmQH_wXpquf6qtF7jyle16VCaV4jRPQntZeVfOl_tjyN5HZ2LGNT6X6K4qZ-Lgt23J1IYLT2BCXTPihE--S7TlNJBX5llj38LwGdW40iFrukfGZtSMFTdeOCsZTt5ZY0uaUDpMIg?width=3552&height=2000&cropmode=none
  8. Finally got my new tanks fitted and re-plumbed everything to try and sort scavenge return issue. If it all works I'll tidy it up then find a better air filter solution. Thinking of a 'shaker scoop' like the old muscle cars used to have :)
  9. Change the diff to a 4.1, best change you can do for acceleration!
  10. For what it's worth, I always recommend fit an Emerald ECU and take it to them for mapping these days if anyone asks. In 30 odd years they have never blown a car up on the dyno yet, are extremely helpful even fixing mechanical issues if necessary and their service is 2nd to none. Also, they actually have one of the best 'tuner' dyno setups in the UK - 1200bhp 4WD MAHA with axle track. Bear in mind my day job now is writing software for OEM emissions and NVH dynos as well as transmission test rigs etc. so I've seen a lot of professional cells now. In the interest of balance someone asked me to look at one of Noels maps recently and it looked very good and professionally done. Load scales were properly expanded for the application and the mapping looked like it has had time spent on it and was nice and progressive, timing figures looked sensible. Obviously I can't comment on if it was correct for the car but it was nicely done on whatever it was mapped on.
  11. You still got those pea-shooters on the back then?! For basic stuff Leon's not that pricey, just the really custom stuff like mine but then there was 2 weeks work in just the manifolds...
  12. Cheers John! Exhaust not my work, as ever for that stuff, it's Leon over at Alunox exhausts.
  13. OK, see if this works, shared a few here: http://1drv.ms/15zIEl8 Some vids on youtube too if you look for 500zx but all really old. The pics are all at different stages too, the one with the 2 green air filters under the bonnet is the latest. Bit of a crap setup but one thing at a time!!
  14. Lol cheers lee! Will put some pics up in a bit. Its a bit shabby to look at but all the oily bits are back in now, mot Friday.
  15. I looked at this ages ago when I first started my conversion and if memory serves then using the evans coolant you run the system at much higher temps using this stuff so if you have a stock ECU setup you'd need to adjust accordingly. May not still be the case. Not aware that any of the OEM manufacturers I go into have switched over to this which is usually a pretty good indication there is no huge benefit.
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