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  1. Looking forward to this, be good to do a good drive
  2. Slapped a bit of paint on the zed today
  3. From what they've put on Facebook it's just cars in fields I'm up for going
  4. shame, first year i could have actually made it, will probably visit anyway. what about this one... https://www.facebook.com/WorldOfWheelsUK/photos/gm.830832434167784/107707761384627 theyve been asking lots of car clubs
  5. For those who Havnt before, the usual meeting place is the carpark at the bottom of the hill at ryka Cafe and toilets opposite Burford Bridge hotel, rather than up the top of the hill
  6. I'm very much up for this, but agree we should wait till we are less restricted, although i feel i might have to work the 18th april, have a feeling i might have a beer garden to open
  7. Sounds like ptu, when they break they work when cold and cut out completely when they warm up
  8. Nice sunny day today so I got the vert out the garage, new battery, bit of air in the tyres, roof down and off to tescos the long way. Now washed, battery disconnected, back in the garage under the cover and sorned
  9. Im up for it if im not working ( had to work that weekend for the last few years, but who knows)
  10. The japanese verts (ie all the ones in the uk) use the electrical release with solenoids in the boot banzai breakers ( can be found on uk ebay) were breaking a vert earlier in te year, might still have the bit you need
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