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  1. The japanese verts (ie all the ones in the uk) use the electrical release with solenoids in the boot banzai breakers ( can be found on uk ebay) were breaking a vert earlier in te year, might still have the bit you need
  2. I could possibly be tempted, either car, but not sure i want to stay all the days might bring some carpet / lights if i did
  3. So quite big, last year was 13x6 I think
  4. If we were doing this, do we know the size of the stand? Is it the size of last year, but the cars have to socially distance, so only 3 cars? Or is it a much smaller space?
  5. Went for my first drive at night since getting 99spec xenon headlights - wow, i can see !!!
  6. Yes got a chip so no bonging at speed
  7. Been pondering the bong, wondering why it might bong at 0mph wondering if its happens to all uk speedos fitted to jap cars, or only sometimes could it be where an auto uk speedo is fitted in a manual jap car? And its bonging because its not in park?
  8. My vert has always read km, but the slicktop currently reads the true miles as it was adjusted when it was imported, so it makes sense toswap it out so it continues to read miles
  9. Also, every time the speedo drops to 0mph it makes a single bong noise. I don't want to fix this by unplugging the bonger as I want to keep the bong when you leave the. Lights on and get out Has anyone else had this / fixed this, it's not something I've seen mentioned before. I wonder if it's specific to UK speedo in jap clocks or the same for UK clocks in jap car, or some other fault I've created
  10. Sorry, but most of your advice is just wrong. There is no mechanical cable from gearbox to speedo There is no cable to change on converting auto manual (you use the speed sensor of the gearbox your using (tt and na speed sensors are different)) I'm fitting a UK speedo so I don't need a converter chip, a UK speedo reeds mph in a jap car, that's specifically why I'm fitting a UK speedo to get rid of unreliable chips (there are also other ways of converting without a chip _ new dial or replacing resistor) Jap spec are limited to 120 mph as stock
  11. I can confirm this is true, having put it all back together I have speed in mph and distance in km. Time to take it all out again. I did search forum and faq for ages but couldn't find anything
  12. Which colour cable? Won't that just give me a twisted cable?
  13. Also, if there is a way of altering the miles faster than manually, one mile at a time, can someone pm the details ?
  14. I finally got round to swapping my intermittent clocks for a UK set I bought months ago. I used to know all this, but it's been a few years and my brain is older and smaller It turns out what I was sold as a series one UK set is actually a series two, so it doesn't just swap out the hole unit ? So I'm swapping the speedo unit over, that's easy enough. What I can't remember is the mileometer. I think the mileometer is fed from the output of the speedo unit (via the plug on the back) so swapping in a UK speedo into jap clocks will convert the mileometer into miles a
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