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  1. Nice sunny day today so I got the vert out the garage, new battery, bit of air in the tyres, roof down and off to tescos the long way. Now washed, battery disconnected, back in the garage under the cover and sorned
  2. Im up for it if im not working ( had to work that weekend for the last few years, but who knows)
  3. The japanese verts (ie all the ones in the uk) use the electrical release with solenoids in the boot banzai breakers ( can be found on uk ebay) were breaking a vert earlier in te year, might still have the bit you need
  4. I could possibly be tempted, either car, but not sure i want to stay all the days might bring some carpet / lights if i did
  5. So quite big, last year was 13x6 I think
  6. If we were doing this, do we know the size of the stand? Is it the size of last year, but the cars have to socially distance, so only 3 cars? Or is it a much smaller space?
  7. Ah no, that's the weekend I can't do ? Can't work out how to delete the smile ?
  8. Yes, much fun was had, and good black forest gateaux for lunch. After lunch I carried on to the see side and had ice cream on the beach before heading home Looking forward to the next one
  9. Leaving Lewis now heading to crawley
  10. Andrew, going to Lewis to see if you cn ctach up
  11. I'm already in Eastbourne, grabbing some breakfast, see you in a bit
  12. Went for my first drive at night since getting 99spec xenon headlights - wow, i can see !!!
  13. simply japanese is a) tickets in advance only b)no club stands c) sold out so lets all do this instead
  14. Yes got a chip so no bonging at speed
  15. Been pondering the bong, wondering why it might bong at 0mph wondering if its happens to all uk speedos fitted to jap cars, or only sometimes could it be where an auto uk speedo is fitted in a manual jap car? And its bonging because its not in park?
  16. My vert has always read km, but the slicktop currently reads the true miles as it was adjusted when it was imported, so it makes sense toswap it out so it continues to read miles
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