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  1. Just seen this! Thanks guys :) It was my 40th too, we had a great party on the Friday night - and I literally woke up on the Saturday night LOL!! :oops:
  2. You're the second person to ask why I didn't take pictures! I'm obviously out of practice :P There will be a full multi-stage detail, including a bit of wet sanding, in the spring. With lots of pictures :D
  3. Got the new Z out of storage for a good wash/dry/polish, and then back into storage and SORN'd till spring. Felt good to valet a Z again, it's been a while :)
  4. Congrats! And happy birthday young man :)
  5. Hi fellas, Thanks for the welcome back. As always, FunkySi is right :D I did do my fair share of detailing in the past but rarely find the time to indulge these days (I now have four - yes four - very time consuming daughters that come first. I had none when I had my first two Zeds!) - hopefully the new toy will rekindle that old passion. This is Z no.5 for me, with my past loves as follows: No.1 No.2 (the best!!) No.3 No.4 And now, no.5 And my current daily, which I love and will find very difficult to part with :( Now I
  6. Thanks Gaz - can't wait to get detailing in the spring :thumbup:
  7. I had a slicktop in this colour 'back in the day', so it brought back good memories :)
  8. Wonky stainless cat-back and intake of some sort (not investigated yet!), but otherwise stock.
  9. Well, I wasn't actually in the market for another toy, but I was drawn to this Z because of the colour. It wasn't too far away, seemed reasonably priced and it turned out to be not too shabby - so now it's mine! I have no time or budget for it at the moment, and my current car is perfect for the winter (Subaru Legacy B4) so the new Z has been tucked up in a friends garage for the winter. No doubt I'll be back on here again in due course - naturally there are a few little jobs to be done, so I'll see y'all soon :biggrin:
  10. Just seen this - thanks guys!! Nice to be remembered :) Had a great birthday, and finished off with a night out on Saturday (still feeling rough from it LOL!) Cheerz
  11. Thanks guys!! Got loads of detailing stuff as you'd expect, and a little compressor so I can start painting stuff :)
  12. Thanks all!! Got all my kiddies now (4 girls!) so probably won't be having another Z for a while, but they have been a big part of my life for so long now that I'll never say never ;). Want a TT manual slicktop in satin black next time :D
  13. I fear change. ;) LOL! Only kidding - looks great, if a bit bright for me but I'll get used to it. Well done to all involved and thanks to Lee for putting in the hours. Is that fresh paint I can smell?
  14. Nice Z there mate, and personally I LOVE the Sunny (I'm one of the few on here that appreciates a good Rat ;) )
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