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  1. Vijay..i'd be careful your next door neighbour doesn't have arms like popeye! Probably the naffest set of plates is the his and hers plates belonging to Robert & Sally Bourne they are filthy rich and own theaters like the Old Vic in London.....the plates are 2B NOT 2B
  2. yes indeed Stu who would be crazy enough to own a black UK m reg :whistling: sorry i havent been in touch recently i've busy with my new line of work building mobile apps...:smartass: if i dont call you first drop me a line apps@twinpier.co.uk cheers
  3. ain't that the truth Baz....still scrap has gone up a fair bit so you never know?! :)
  4. ...and thought of you guys looks like a uk spec tt going cheap in the midlands :D http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2216336/Abandoned-treasure-trove-100-classic-cars-including-Ford-Model-T-sold-unless-mystery-owner-claims-them.html happy zedding cheers chris
  5. sheeesh! splitting hairs mate i was lumping both together as they are both big USA company disasters overseas...no huge slick from PA granted but one hell of a wreck to cut down still a wreck marked for shipping to this day...arguments ran for years on bhopal and the clean up...disgraceful USA companies who did their level best to avoid responsibility and pay victims in their time honored fashion. Occidental has previous in this field see love canal PA was (is) the world's worst off-shore oil disaster. At one time, this oil rig was the world' s single largest oil producer, spewing o
  6. they were both USA owned plant both poorly run and managed cut costs and corners at all times ended up killing thousands...obfuscated in cleaning up and paying out the victims by using clever lawyers and bully-boy tactics i do believe that only last year some of the bhopal victims got any money and now the USA are wanting a blank cheque from BP just 2 months later...!!!
  7. obama...a complete t1t and a massive hypocrite i have two events for him to stick in his high moral attitiude....bhopal....piper alfa (occidental)....now fook off :(
  8. i had single kaki on my old swb tt and it was fookin' loud...sounded lovely at times but conversation inside the car was a non-starter
  9. yeah i'd say fog light too as per the mot standards fog switch has to illuminate when in use
  10. @£300 is in the classic policy price bracket so i'd say its very good value bud if you want less then its going to be a classic/2nd car policy i'd say and you wont have to use your no-claims either :D
  11. me neither but drop the press office an email (see above) and ask them for the winners list
  12. http://www.dft.gov.uk/dvla/pressoffice/pressreleases/archive2008/220708_07.aspx ;)
  13. on the plasma at home TV volume off commentary via 5live on the DAB....london pride in each hand :D
  14. you live in toon-land you're bound to hate football :D anyways as said its not football songs per say...just looking for some good english flavoured tunes
  15. ok i know not everyone on here likes footy but who here is playing / singing / drinking along to some england themed songs over the next few weeks? post up your favs / top 5 etc i'll kick off with this one ('scuse the pun) bit of a new one on me having only heard it last month, bit maudlin too but it was done by a scottish band ! :D [YOUTUBE] [/YOUTUBE]
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